IGEC 2020 Day 2 Recap — So long, and see you next year!


The 2020 Inven Global Esports Conference took place across two days earlier this week. Day 1 has already been recapped, so let's take a look at the digital smorgasbord of esports discussion had to offer on day 2. 



Day 2 of IGEC 2020 started at 9:00am PT with the 'How Mobile Games are defining the competitive gaming industry' panel, which was hosted by guest moderator Jeff Chau and featured panelists Michael Valore, Carolyn Wang, Clayton Kanemitsu and Ciernan "Excoundrel" Lowe. 'We Are EU: LEC's Rise to the Top' followed at 9:45am and focused on Riot Games' League of Legends European Championship with moderator Lara Lunardi and panelists Monica Dinsmore, Jeff Latham, and Alban Dechelotte. 


At 10:45am, Parkes Ousley moderated the 'Breaking News: How to Make a Name for yourself in Esports Journalism' panel, which featured a discussion between Daniel "dGon" Gonzales, Emily Rand, Nick Geracie, and Paul Todkill. At 11:45am, moderator Nick D'Orazio facilitated a chat between Andrew "Reynad" Yanyuk and Felix Lahaye on the 'CEO Fireside' panel. Lunch took place from 12:15pm-1:00pm PT. 


Right after lunch, moderator Kelsey Remige hosted Cheery Huang, Paul Coggiola, Sandra Chen, and Justin Miclat on the 'Guiding esports biggest influencers to sustainable success' panel. 'Using Twitch to Elevate your Esports Brand' followed at 2:00pm and featured guest moderator Sydnee Goodman alongside panelists Alex Rubens, Devin Nash, and Justin Varghese.


At 3:00pm, 'Next Round: The Future of the Fighting Game Community' was moderated by Nick D'Orazio and featured panelists Steve "Tasty_Steve" Scott, Stephen "Sajam" Lyon, and D'Ron "D1" Maingrette. 'The Fundamentals of Securing Esports Sponsorship' followed by at 3:45pm, where moderator Kelsey Remige was joined by panelists Victoria Sun, Brian Ta, Khoi Nguyen, and Penny Lee.


The last two panels of IGEC 2020 were moderated by Nick D'Orazio and focused on the future. 'Back to the Chalkboard: Rethinking how to approach esports in education'  featured a discussion between panelists Chad Smeltz, Dr. Kristopher Alexander, Jakyo Manor and Geoffrey Lachapelle.The final panel of the day was 'Investing in Esports: Know What to Look for in the Growing Industry' and featured Zac Aenease Tepe, Xandra Laskowski, and Frank Zonars


Inven Global greatly appreciates all who attended and participated in IGEC 2020. VoDs and highlights of the panels will be available soon!

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