LCS/LEC Summer Split Week 4: Best Value Picks


In order to win big in E1 Fantasy, you want to find VALUE! I’m not just talking about getting your money back, I’m talking about getting what you paid for AND some more. What is value? Well in a perfect world, the highest-priced player at a position would score the most points and so on down; they would all provide value based on their price. We don’t want to be average though, we want more. So we are looking for the players who will score much higher than their price suggests, returning extra value. In order to help you find these value players, we provided two options at each of the six lineup spots; one for LCS and one for LEC (because everything is better with a little NA vs EU rivalry in there).




Jeong "Impact" Eon-young — Team Liquid — $200,000 (vs Immortals & FlyQuest)


If you want to focus your money on the highest scoring positions, you will not be looking to invest in your Top laner. More specifically, you need a go-to budget option. Well, Impact's fantasy value is pretty similar to his playstyle; safe, stable, and not flashy at all. Impact will not be threatened in lane in either game and can be a stable piece for your lineup.


Finn "Finn" Wiestål  — Rogue —  $230,000 (vs Origen & SK Gaming) 


A little less budget, but a lot more upside. Finn is the anchor up top for the 2nd (?) best team in the LEC. Rogue is on a mission to ditch that question mark I just used and has two very competitive games ahead of them to prove it. The close games could fuel Rogue's Kill total, and if Finn ends up on Gangplank instead of Ornn, he could contribute to those Kills.




Juan "Contractz" Arturo Garcia — 100 Thieves — $170,000 (vs Golden Guardians & Dignitas)


With all of the circumstances around him, Contractz has become the most polarizing player of the week. The risk is clear. He is making his 2020 LCS debut for a team that is just completely on fire (and not in the good way…).


However, the combination of his price and the enticing matchups makes my mouth water thinking about what I can do with him in my lineup (don't take that as weird as it sounds). He is the high risk-high reward pick of the week.


Oskar "Selfmade" Boderek  Selfmade — Fnatic — $280,000 (vs SK Gaming & FC Schalke 04)


Speaking of polarizing picks of the week… Fnatic! As a whole, the team looks completely lost. They are experimenting too much, and they are falling down the standings as a result. However, every experiment involves feeding Selfmade and keeping him as a carry. Even legendary teams deserve some slack as they go through a gauntlet like they just did, but Selfmade should bounce back as the schedule now allows it.




Tommy "Ryoma" Le — 100 Thieves — $310,000 (vs Golden Guardians & Dignitas)


Ryoma's biggest fantasy issue is not being able to put together a full weekend. He usually pops off in one game and disappoints in the next game. Well with two of the worst teams in the LCS on tap for this weekend, this is his best chance to put together a full weekend. Consider his 46 point game against TSM on Sunday as a sample of what he can do.


Aljoša "Milica" Kovandžić — Team Vitality — $260,000 (vs Excel Esports & Origen)


It is crazy what a visa can do for you! After the inability to get a visa prevented Milica from playing at all in Spring, he is showing what a difference he would have made for the team. Milica has single handily willed Vitality into playoff contention and has a strong set up to continue the push this week. XL is just about as great of a matchup that VIT could ask for, and then he gets a crack at fight-happy OG for some upside.




Edward "Tactical" Ra — Team Liquid — $310,000 (vs Immortals & FlyQuest) 


Even though a loss each of the last two weeks slowed down the Tactical hype train, let's not forget about this guy's talent. Luckily for him, he doesn't face C9 or EG this week! FLY will be a tough matchup, but it might be just tough enough to really propel him to a big performance, with an IMT game as a cushion.


Kristoffer "P1noy" Albao Lund Pedersen P1noy — G2 Esports — $260,000 (vs Misfits & Excel Esports)


No idea what to expect here. It is not fair to ask anybody to fill the shoes of Perkz, but P1noy is being thrown right into a team that is upset with anything other than a 2-0 this week. We aren't sure how G2 will play around P1noy, but the team context and schedule is a dream scenario for any Bot Laner. Even if he can be 75% of what Perkz is, he will be worth much more than his current price.




Philippe "Poome" Lavoie-Giguere — 100 Thieves — $80,000 (vs Golden Guardians & Dignitas)


Unlike Contractz, Poome has no LCS experience and will be making his debut this weekend. Nerves are a risk, overall inexperience is another, but the schedule makes this the best week possible for Poome to debut. The price is the only reason I am comfortable with this risk as it opens up a lot of options while still giving your Support a chance at a 2-0.


Norman "Kaiser" KaiserKaiser — MAD Lions — $220,000 (vs FC Schalke 04 & Misfits)


Move over Mikyx and Vulcan… There is a new #1 Support in town! And he plays Wukong and averages 1.5 Kills/game! The Wukong/Senna lane is really a dream scenario for your Support, and MAD is the only team pulling it off. It is odd to call the most expensive Support a 'value', but he is now going for a 3-peat for the week's top-scoring support.




100 Thieves — $280,000 (vs Golden Guardians & Dignitas)

*Place the 'Here we go again' meme here.* Although last week went even worse than any human could have expected for 100 Thieves, they have a good set up to bounce back against two very beatable teams. I'll be honest; it would be a little easier to swallow this pick if they didn't throw against TSM.


Team Vitality — $190,000 (vs Excel Esports & Origen)


You can't always chase 2-0 weeks with your team. VIT should beat XL easily and then is good enough to give OG a run for their money. Take the guaranteed win and the extra money, and shoot for the moon at your other spots. Who knows, maybe Milica messes around and pulls off the Upset (see what I did there?).

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