Thousands of WoW players gather to mourn Reckful's passing

Image by: Wowhead


On the evening of July 2, multiple sources confirmed the passing of popular Twitch streamer and content creator Byron "Reckful" Berinstein. The young streamer, age 31, died of suicide, having been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and having fought depression for a long time. 


Following the news of Reckful's death, thousands of World of Warcraft players gathered for an enormous memorial across Azeroth, flocking to the Stormwind Cathedral from all corners (even Horde lands) of the digital world. 


"In times like this it's easy to think of the evil that people are capable of but we can't forget the purity and kindness as well," wrote popular streamer Asmongold, sharing an image of "the largest in-game player-driven event in the history of World of Warcraft."


A video of the gathering is also a massive view to behold. 




WoW was the game where Reckful originally became known, rising as the best PVP player in six seasons straight. Following his departure from WoW, Reckful went on to Hearthstone, becoming one of the most prominent content creators and streamers in the space, and whose community was also in mourning yesterday. 


"The one quality of his that shined brighter than anything else is he tried so hard in everything he did. On a personal note, I feel guilty, I know others feel guilty, even if we think it's illogical. I'm crying non stop, I related to him in so many aspects outside of the obvious," wrote Hearthstone veteran Drew "TidesofTime" Biessener, while condemning the people who treat streamers with disrespect, hate, and abuse. 


"Byron cared more about everyone's opinion than any streamer on Twitch and with that i give a giant fuck you and I hope you burn in hell to all the relentless unempathetic shitheads who decided to not leave him alone. He fought depression for a long time and he tried so many things."



Riot and Blizzard, whose games Reckful played often, also shared offered their condolences. 


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