AF Fly: "I tried Aurelion Sol a few times in solo queue, and he might really appear."


Afreeca Freecs swept Hanwha Life Esports in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split match on the 2nd of July (KST). In the match, Song "Fly" Yong-joon delivered one of the best performances in the team, but didn't get awarded the Player of the Game. Fly joined the media room after the match for an interview with the press.



How do you feel winning today?


Since we lost two straight matches, there was a bit of pressure but I’m satisfied that we won 2-0 today.

What was the problem last week?


I think we were a bit nervous last week. We made absurd mistakes. They weren’t games that we should have lost. I believe it was out of nervousness.

How was the atmosphere after last week?


Unlike the spring season, it wasn’t that bad. We were mostly in a happy mood. We did lose, but the atmosphere was alright. We just played and practiced naturally.

Hanwha Life Esports would have prepared a lot for today. Were you conscious of how they would play?


Since Hanwha Life Esports is a team that enjoys unconventional methods, we were aware of that. But since we also had the experience of falling in a long losing streak, we thought they wouldn’t be able to play that boldly. We thought they wouldn’t be able to take big adventures.

You picked Orianna early in Game 1. Orianna isn’t evaluated that highly in the LCK, but why did you pick her that early?


The opponent picked Karma first. It felt that Karma would come to mid lane and I said that I would play Orianna since it’s convenient to face Karma with her.

Many fans considered that you also performed to deserve a POG.


I also think I deserved a POG but since it’s Kiin’s three-year anniversary, I’ll let him have it. [Laughs]

Kiin countered the opponents’ dives in Game 2. How did it feel listening to him countering the dives?


I watched the replays after the match, and frankly, it wasn’t that Kiin played extremely well. [Laughs] Just speaking the facts; the opponent top laner made mistakes and Kiin took advantage of that. I can still praise Kiin for countering them.

Fly was always known for his unconventional picks and wide champion pool. If you’re able to pick a champion regardless of the result, which champion do you want to pick?


I want to pick Aurelion Sol. I think he’s an extremely fun champion. If I were to win with Aurelion Sol, it would feel really good. It’s fun to play since he can be played by teasing the opponents. When the opponents get close, you can push them out and kite using the W skill. He’s really fun.

Do you think he can appear in the current meta?


I tried Aurelion Sol a few times in solo queue, and he might really appear. It’s just that his stats lack a bit.



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