FNC finds yet more Busts, but TSM is a true esports Boomer

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There are quite a few copycats from last week's Booms and Busts lists. You might want to take note and draft accordingly moving forward. Check out some of the highest value picks from the LCS and LEC Week 3 Summer Split games for E1 Fantasy.



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BOOM — Dan Dan— Misfits (LEC)


Scoring nearly 50 points at the relatively affordable price point of $210,000, Danny "Dan Dan" Le Comte is the Top Lane Boom for Week 3. He had pretty good matchups against Vitality and Excel, but played them as he needed to, coming in with the second most points for his position. He absolutely crushed his previous weeks points, making him one of the bst improved, and definitely deserving of this week's honor.



BUST — Kumo — Evil Geniuses (LCS)


(Copy pasted from FNC's Week 2.) Get used to seeing that team name in the Bust list - Fnatic Evil Geniuses did not have the best week last weekend. After an incredibly dominant Weeks 1 and 2 in the LCS, with a 3-1 record - including a perfect game - EG lost miserably to TSM and didn't make up for it nearly enough against Dignitas. 


Individually, Colin "Kumo" Zhao left a bit to be desired. After an awkward draft, he built a solo queue style Volibear, failing to stomp the lane thanks to some jungle pressure from TSM's Mingyi "Spica" Lu. He almost made up for it against Dignitas, getting first blood and starting the game 2/0, but he lost too many points getting collapsed on while split pushing to finish the game out strong. With merely 18 points at a $270,000 price tag, Kumo was a rough pickup for Week 3. 





BOOM — Spica — TSM (LCS)


Where have we seen this name before? Oh yeah, in both the last paragraph and last week's list! Spica had a rough Week 1 of the LCS, but has since been our Jungle Boom of the Week the past two weeks. Whereas his Week 2 performance was heavily carried by a single game, his Week 3 performance was much more even, meaning he may be working towards consistent points. However, one big factor is the length of TSM's games is relatively high, especially in their second game of the week that neared 50 minutes, giving plenty of time for CS and kills/assists. 


That said, 48.89 points with a $230,000 price tag is pretty good, especially when considering his opponents were last Summer's LCS MVP, Dennis "Svenskeren" Johnsen, and longtime LCS veteran, William "Meteos" Hartman.


BUST — Selfmade — Fnatic (LEC)


Oskar "Selfmade" Boderek was one of the only Fnatic players NOT on the Bust list last week, but cured his FOMO quickly, with a mere 14 points on a $300,000 price tag. Two short game losses, low kills, and not enough time to rake in any CS will ruin anyone's score, especially from the jungle role that isn't catching waves and getting creeps funneled into them. Hopefully for his sake, Martin "Rekkles" Larsson will get a Bust next week to complete the team. (Or wait... He probably doesn't want that.)





BOOM — Milica — Team Vitality (LEC)


Aljoša "Milica" Kovandžić scored considerably fewer points than the leader, Søren "Bjergsen" Bjerg, but he was also much cheaper, racking up 54.44 points for only $220,000. He had two Corki vs Azir games (playing Corki in both), so he was bound to pick up a bunch of points with all that AOE and heavy damage that Corki brings in the mid to late game teamfights. 


BUST — Jiizuke— Evil Geniuses (LCS)


Number two on the FNC EG Bust List, Daniele "Jiizuke" di Mauro only pulled in 19 points despite costing $320,000. Jiizuke was a major part of EG's comeback in the Spring Split, finishing the season as the 2nd Team All Pro LCS Mid Laner. His first game in Week 3 of the Summer Split, however, looked more like Jiizuke's earlier weeks last Spring.


EG threw Jiizuke on Karma against Bjergsen's Le Blanc, and let's just say, it didn't really work out for the team. Jiizuke is most often playing a burst type mage or someone who can splitpush - someone who is a constant threat. Karma doesn't fit that mold, and it showed in both game results and overall points. He almost made up for it with his Corki plays in the next game, but they won too quickly to regain those points.





BOOM — Doublelift — TSM (LCS)


Like his Jungler, Spica, Yiliang "Peter" "Doublelift" Peng is on the Boom list two weeks in a row, racking up 12 kills and 10 assists across his two games. He also happened to feed six kills in Game 2 as well, but the near 50 minute game allowed him to get 500 CS, making up for all but one of those deaths. 


Last week he put up 64.41 points while costing $270,000, and this week he snagged 61.71costing $290,000. So sure, it's a small step down in terms of value, but if he keeps putting up these points this consistently, he's going to become a staple in everyone's roster.  


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BUST — Bang — Evil Geniuses (LCS)


Rounding out the Fnatic Evil Geniuses Bust Trio is Bae "Bang" Jun-sik, who was the lowest scorer out of all AD Carrys across both leagues in Week 2. What's really interesting about that is - WAIT...  Bang was here last week too!


I won't copy/paste any more than I already have, but it is surprising to see such a consistently strong carry be on the Bust list twice in a row, especially since the team is tied for second place. However, this week is much more unique and interesting than last week, Bang just didn't participate in any fights.


In their loss, Bang went 0/1/1, making his score .5 points outside of his CS. Then in his win, he went 0/0/1, giving him just 1.5 points outside of CS. And since he played Ezreal in two relatively normal game lengths, he didn't have 500 CS like Doublelift. Bang finished the week with just 13 points despite his $300,000 cost. Maybe hold back on EG till they get more stable in their play. 




BOOM — Doss — Misfits Gaming (LEC)


Mads "Doss" Schwartz is one of the newer faces to the LEC, playing in the LFL last Spring. He put up the fourth highest points for Support players, at 25.34, despite being nearly the cheapest, costing only $90,000. Very few players ever dip into 5 figure E1 Fantasy salary costs, and to do that and then make it to the top in points is a huge Boom of a week. Despite that, Misfits plays G2 and MAD this week, so his cost fell to $80,000 based on matchups. However... He might just be a good pickup if you're looking for a super cheap option in your Support position.


BUST — Destiny — Origen (LEC)


The Support role can often end up biting you in the butt if you get unlucky with your pick. Destiny was tied for third most expensive Support last week, but ended up scoring the fourth least. A large part of that is due to his 0/5/0 game against MAD. And that's the problem.


If you pick a support whose team falls behind and they're the primary engage, you will lose points! Luckily, unlike Zdravets "Hylissang" Galabov who had NEGATIVE points last week, Destiny still pulled in almost 10. But with that $210,000 price tag... It was definitely not worth. (Don't spend big on Supports!) 




BOOM — Team Vitality (LEC) 


Vitality is sitting near the bottom of the LEC standings, but they nearly topped the list in points this week. They only went 1-1 this weekend, but they grabbed a ton of objectives, which is where teams generally make the most of their points. What you should learn from that is - pick players and teams that play long games, don't die a lot, play a solid style (to prioritize CS and objectives), and are consistent. Even with Vitality at the bottom of the standings, they put up good points!


BUST — Fnatic (LEC)  


There it is again! Fnatic had yet another 0-2 week, giving them four losses in a row. In their first game, they went all in on the Rekkles solo carry, and in their second, they pivoted to two carries, in Rekkles and Selfmade. Neither strategy paid off, and they had two low kill games that also didnt give them any room to grab objectives or many kills. FNC will bounce back one of these days, they always do. Maybe you should pick them up now, while the stocks are low! Or maybe.... Maybe you should just let them win a game first. 



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