T1 Faker: "We have kind of a bad tradition of not doing well in the summer. We’re doing our best to stop that tradition."


On the 26th (KST), T1 defeated Afreeca Freecs 2-1 in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split. It was the second win of the season for T1 and the first loss for Afreeca Freecs. In the match, Lee “Effort” Sang-ho and Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok delivered outstanding performances and were voted as Players of the Game.



How do you feel about today’s win?


Effort: I feel good that we’re on a two-game winning streak.


Faker: The team atmosphere wasn’t that good because we started the season with a loss, but I’m satisfied that it’s getting better and better.

It’s natural to lose from time to time, isn’t it?


Faker: We have kind of a bad tradition of not doing well in the summer. We’re doing our best to stop that tradition.

How was the feedback after Game 1?


Faker: We said that the teamfights were rather weak in Game 1, so we discussed just fighting against Afreeca Freecs in Game 2.

(To Effort) You picked Alistar today, last time Rakan. They don’t appear that much. How did you end up picking them?


Effort: I was confident in initiating fights. I picked Alistar to initiate fights and to return alive.

It was nearly a perfect game in Game 2, but Effort died to the twin tower. What happened?


Effort: I wanted to end the game as fast as we can. There was only one minion left, so I tanked the tower and died.


Faker: Having a perfect game isn’t important, so it’s alright.

How about the dealing damage?


Faker: That’s important (Laughs).

What’s the difference?


Faker: A perfect game is important too, but the damage dealt would be about myself doing well. So it feels good.

At the end of Game 3, the calls were divided. Faker wanted to kill Mordekaiser and Effort wanted to destroy the Nexus. Which is right?


Effort: We had plenty of time, so I think it would have been alright to kill Mordekaiser.

Faker did well on Azir again. How do you like the new LCK intro of you as Azir?


Faker: I’m satisfied that Riot made it look so cool. I think it would be interesting if they make other champions like that as well.


Your next match is against SANDBOX Gaming. It’s a chance to extend your winning streak.


Effort: We’ll do our best to prepare so that we can have an early spurt with a three-game winning streak.


Faker: I’ll prepare for SANDBOX Gaming well so that we can keep our momentum up and get a three-game winning streak.



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