3 of the most popular PvP strategies in Exos Heroes


Exos Heroes PvP is a constantly evolving space. As new characters are introduced and patches roll out, characters that were powerful can suddenly face new threats that invalidate their previous effectiveness. This rise and fall of character strength is what most people refer to as "a meta"

Any game that offers a competitive multiplayer mode will inevitably create a meta. Meta is what gamers use to describe the most popular strategies that have the highest percentage to win. When a powerful strategy also becomes a popular strategy, a meta is born.


But whenever a popular strategy is born, other strategies emerge to counter them! Niche strategies that fair poorly against the general field of opponents can still rise in popularity and "become meta" if they prove effective in defeating the most ubiquitous and powerful strategies! 


The Exo Heroes Meta

For the most part, Exos Heroes has so many different characters and customization options, it is very likely that powerful strategies, synergies, and combos are still left undiscovered. In addition, some strategies, despite being powerful, can be too difficult to execute and, as a result, left out of the popular meta.

What remains when discussing Exos Heroes meta then, are the strategies that are both the easiest to execute while also being the most powerful. Here are three of the most common (and powerful) strategies you will encounter online in PvP

Fate Core Zeon and Fate Core Anastasia.


Fate Core Zeon and Fate Core Anastasia are the most iconic duo in what Exos Heroes players call the "Dragon Blood" meta. In short, FC Zeon and FZ Anastasia can provide incredible defensive barriers to their team once every turn. These defensive barriers scale with the defense state of Zeon or Anastasia, meaning that these characters with highly optimized stats can severely dampen the offensive potential of the enemy.


For now, this is one of the most dominant strategies in the game and is countered by high-burst damage that focuses on destroying guardian stones, denying mana of enemy attackers (thanks to evade strategies and Green guardian stones). At the lower ranks, these characters are the most effective and severely punish under-geared or underdeveloped heroes.

TIP: If you are looking for a unique way to counter this strategy, check out this YouTube video by Casual TwoK!


Baraka and Uloom

Baraka is named here because he is arguably one of the most popular PvP characters in the game thanks to his incredible single-target DPS output. As you may have guessed, he is a great choice against the most popular "Dragon Blood" strategy and, when geared with powerful offensive weapons, can shut down overly defensive strategies quickly with a bit of luck and some critical hits.

Uloom is commonly paired with Baraka because they both help each other optimize their core strengths. Uloom has pitiful damage, tons of defense, and a unique passive that allows him to instantly destroy 3 of an enemy's guardian stones. Because Baraka gets so much DPS increase and value from Guardian Stone breaks, you will often encounter this pairing and players tends to use all of their resources to strengthen their Baraka.

To counter this, focus on debuffing Baraka and buffing the defense of the friendly character you think is most vulnerable to his burst damage.

Bathory + Front Line Taunts and Heals

Before the rise of Fate Core Zeon and Anastasia (that inherently counter AoE damage strategies) , Bathory plus any other character that can dish out tons of AoE damage was a sure-fire way to rise in the ranks and defeat opponents quickly. The reason for this is thanks to how efficient Bathory deals damage and how effective it is to focus all of your resources on making her as strong as possible.


Combine this raw AoE power with Bathory's other passives that easily provide front-line units mana, and it was quickly discovered that creating a "Protect the Bathory" strategy works wonders.

A powerful Bathory has can single-handedly wipe out multiple characters of the enemy team if they are not prepared, and in the early stages of Exos Heroes, many players were not. Bathory is still a very powerful hero (and she is seen commonly at the Master Ranks) but the strategy of focusing exclusively on AoE damage is generally understood to be a beginner strategy that is too easily countered at the highest ranks.


Bonus strategy: 1-shot Rudley.


Fate Core Rudley isn't known to be among the top-tier Fated characters. However, his high attack stat and Decisive Strike skill warrant a closer look:

Decisive Strike (4 Mana)

  • Deals 750% damage to 1 enemy.
  • Grants a barrier of 73% of own maximum Health to self and another ally if marked with Command for 13 turns when hit

750% damage is nothing to sneeze at and, as more players adopt the "Dragon Blood" strategy, the ability to quickly assassinate either Zeon or Anastasia is very useful.  It is possible to build strategies around getting Rudley 4 mana as quickly as possible so he can unleash this devastating attack and quickly turn the tide of battle in your favor.

What is your favorite Exos Heroes strategy?

Let us know in the comments what strategies you have found to work in PvP and we may feature it in our future Exos Heroes post! For more Exos Heroes content, check out our main content page here.

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