Riot Games launches a COVID-19 charity fundraiser, with unique League skins and more

▲ Screenshot of the League of Legends Client Store


COVID-19 has been the main force behind every topic in 2020. From securing food, to how we work, to where we go, and who we interact with in our social life, COVID-19 has affected everything. Four months after the US was hit by the virus, the cases are steadily rising, and the effects have completely changed the operations in esports, as well as nearly every other industry throughout the country and across the globe. 


The virus also overwhelmed our medical system, filling hospitals and quickly draining necessary supplies for their staff to stay safe and function normally. With weekly cases rising again, on June 25th, Riot announced a special campaign to help support COVID-19 relief efforts. 




Riot Games has created special League of Legends skins and chromas, purchasable in the League Client, with 100% of the money spent going straight to the Riot Games Social Impact Fund, which will be used to provide COVID-19 relief. Money raised will not only be used to support medical staff, but also families who are in need of assistance due to the pandemic. 


Nurse Akali, Surgeon Shen, and Kennen M.D. have all recieved special chromas, along with borders, icons, emotes, and more. There are also multiple bundles for each, and a Megadonor Bundle (shown above) that provides each unique COVID-19 relief item, and a special "Megadonor Icon" as well. Each item is marked with a special social impact badge, like the one shown on the top right of the Megadonor Bundle, so you can always tell if your purchase will support relief. 


Riot has already donated $4.5 million to COVID relief efforts globally, this is just another way they're getting involved. Go find those special cosmetics in the store today, and help spread COVID relief.



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