Aptly named, Nukeduck was a huge BOOM in LEC/LCS Week 2 Fantasy


Take a look at the big - and not so big - scorers from Week 2 of the LCS and LEC 2020 Summer Split. These players either gave the most bang for their buck or the least. Here are the E1 Fantasy Week 2 Booms and Busts.





BOOM — Jenax — SK Gaming (LEC)


Janik "Jenax" Bartels was one of the cheaper options for the Top Lane for Week 2, but paid out big. Costing only $210,000, he scored nearly 50 points, finishing with 49.22 on the week. Most of this value came in his first game of the weekend, with a 9/1/6 KDA against the Misfits Top Laner Danny "Dan Dan" Le Comte. His second game was a loss, but went long enough for him to get over 300 minions of CS, which helped buff that game up. But if he has more games like his first performance, look to sign him on your future teams. 


BUST — Bwipo — Fnatic (LEC)


Get used to seeing that team name in the Bust list - Fnatic did not have the best week last weekend. After an incredibly dominant Week 1 in the LEC, winning all three of their games (The LEC had a Super Week, meaning they played three games instead of two), FNC went 0-2 in Week 2. Individually, Gabriël "Bwipo" Rau finished 0/4/3 and 0/3/4 respectively. And even though each game went over 30 minutes, he wasn't able to keep up in the CS department. Bwipo was a costly $280,000, but only put up a total of 12.87 points. Look for stability in FNC's play before going all in.




▲ Image Source: Riot Games


BOOM — Spica — TSM (LCS)


Mingyi "Spica" Lu had a rough Week 1 of the LCS, but made up for it (at least score wise) in Week 2. Spica played Lee Sin in both of his games, one being incredibly more impactful than the other. He mirrors Jenax's week as well, going 6/1/16 in his first game but just 2/5/4 in his second. Costing the same as Jenax, at $210,000, he put up 54.75 points! Spica nearly doubled his average points per game this weekend, making him a huge Boom for those who picked him up.


BUST — Inspired — Rogue (LEC)


Kacper "Inspired" Słoma didn't put up a very inspiring performance this week, costing $50,000 over Spica and scoring less than half his points. Though he had an 8 KDA in his first game of the weekend, all of his kill participation came in the way of assists, which don't help much in the score department. Few kills, along with being a jungler and not racking up the farm, left his score lacking.


He plays Fnatic this weekend (who makes up most of the rest of the Busts), so maybe he'll bounce back! Or maybe they will...




▲ Image Source: Riot Games


BOOM — Nukeduck — Origen (LEC)


Erlend "Nukeduck" Våtevik Holm hit it out of the park in Week 2, following up a middling performance in the Week 1 Super Week of the LEC. He averaged about a 3.5 KDA in Week 1, but finished with a 10 KDA and 14 KDA in his Week 2 games respectively. With only 1 death and 24 kill participations, along with nearly 300 farm each game, his $240,000 cost was well worth the 56.5 points he accumulated. 


BUST — Nemesis— Fnatic (LEC)


Number two on the FNC Bust List, Tim "Nemesis" Lipovšek only pulled in 17.15 points despite costing $310,000. After his incredible Week 1 performance, he was expected to be a high scorer, but just like Bwipo, the points didn't line up with the cost.


Fnatic put their AD Carry, Martin "Rekkles" Larsson on Soraka in both their games, changing their playstyle and dragging out the games. But despite him healing up his team as a second support, the rest weren't able to get the damage done. The only damage done was to those who paid their hefty price for little gain.





BOOM — Doublelift — TSM (LCS)


Yiliang "Peter" "Doublelift" Peng had an interesting weekend, playing Syndra bot lane, despite having Søren "Bjergsen" Bjerg on his team. Though they lost that game, Doublelift was the sole damage dealer in the comp, so he did okay for himself score wise.


His other game, however, he went 12/1/7 and farmed almost 350 creeps with a monstrous performance on Kaisa. That game alone gave him enough points to sneak into the Boom category this week. He was the most expensive of Boom's this week at $270,000, but also the highest scoring, finishing the two games at 64.41 points.


BUST — Bang — Evil Geniuses (LCS)


Bae "Bang" Jun-sik is typically a strong force in the EG roster, and at the end of the Spring Split, had an incredible KDA. Excluding his game against Cloud9, he had a 32 KDA across the last 7 games of the regular season. This weekend, his combined KDA was 1.125, not exactly what you expect from a 2nd place team with a World Champion AD Carry. He was priced at $10,000 more expensive than Doublelift, but only brought in 15.45 points. The only thing to make it worse is he was on Aphelios in both games. 





BOOM — Smoothie — CLG (LCS)


It's been a while since we could say this, but CLG is tied for 2nd place in the LCS after Week 2 of the Summer Split. It's even more surprising when their first game of this season was a perfect game... Against them...


Andy "Smoothie" Ta has been incredible in the team's bounce back. In Week 2, he had a 10 KDA and an 11 KDA in his two games, only dying a single time. He was by far the cheapest player on the Boom list this week at only $110,000, and came up with 37.7 points. Nearly 3.5 points per $10,000 is an incredible value for any player. 


BUST — Hylissang — Fnatic (LEC)


Rounding out the Fnatic Bust Trio is Zdravets "Hylissang" Galabov, who scored a whopping NEGATIVE 0.82 points. He was just another player riding high on FNC's Super Week performance that got hit the hardest by their 0-2 in the second week.


With Rekkles on such a slow, defensive champ, Hylissang was not able to match his expectations and more than fell flat in the point department. He was an expensive $200,000 as well, making him the greatest Bust of the week. Look for stable performances and comps from Fnatic before spending the big bucks on them again.




▲ Image Source: Riot Games


BOOM — MAD Lions (LEC) 


MAD Lions was a middle cost team that performed like a high cost league leader. They won both of their games, which is always a big help, but the main reason they performed so well is how complete their games were. They got a total of nine dragons between the two games, and many other objectives on top of that, plus 37 kills and some clean victories. Their $260,000 brought in 51 points, and made them a huge value pickup on the week.


BUST — Misfits (LEC)  


Where have we seen this before? Oh yeah, in Week 1 of the LEC, too! For the second week in a row, Misfits has found themselves at the bottom of the list, even beating out Fnatic as the most underperforming team (based on point value) in Week 2. They cost $290,000 but only brought in 27 points. Though one game was strong, like those of MAD lions above, the other game netted them literally just 2 points, which makes it hard to have a strong weekend overall. 



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