These 5 YouTubers are creating tons of Exo Heroes content


What is your favorite type of Exos Heroes content? Do you like to debate tier lists over character strength or appeal? Perhaps you want PvP videos and in-depth strategy explanations. 

Well, you are in luck today, as we are presenting our very first Exos Heroes content creator spotlight!

We love content creators at Inven Global and today, we dive into the world of Exos Heroes YouTube creators who regularly produce high-quality content for Gacha game enthusiast and Exo Heroes specialist. If you love Exos Heroes, considering subscribing to let them know their contribution to the scene is appreciated!

Let's get started:

Clint Wulf

Clint Wulf labels himself as "The Mobile Messiah" and I'll allow that moniker to stand on the basis that Clint Wulf's passion and enthusiasm for mobile games and the Gacha genre is seemingly endless.  Wulf's content ranges from strategic meta-discussion to Exos Heroes' top 10 videos.


As a regular content creator, Wulf uploads quickly when it comes to breaking Exos Heroes news and content updates. If you are interested in getting strong opinions about the newest content, check out Clint Wulf!




Dread Naught

Dread Naught has created an impressive number of videos overviewing Exos Heroes strategy and character discussion. My personal favorite was a comprehensive overview of how to use Baraka (largely considered to be one of the most powerful DPS heroes) complete with a full explanation of how his abilities synergize with each other and instances in which you should use them.

Not all of the content is so strategic, however. You can also expect mass summon videos where Dread Naught kicks back and reacts to lucky or unlucky pulls -- a Gacha game content creator classic!




Zennosh is all about Exos Heroes PvP, so naturally, he has a home here at Inven Global! Zennosh records his daily PvP matches and provides commentary during the battles -- a great way to learn diverse PvP compositions.

Zennosh brings "a lot" of energy to his commentary and his enthusiasm for PvP is appreciated. If you want to see how new balance patches or Fate Cores affect the current Exos Heroes meta, check out some of Zennosh's content!





Azumao is relatively new to creating Exos Heroes content creation, but not to creating YouTube videos.  If you are looking for calm and well-articulated guides on Exos Heroes, Azumao does a good job of curating interesting and helpful details about the game and explaining how players can benefit from them.

The video we benefited most from is Azumao's guide to farming gold. It is a great explanation of simple tricks that players can do to effectively increase the gold they gain without any drawback -- nice!




FG3000 covers tons of Gacha games and mobile titles, but since the release of Exos Heroes' global launch, he has fallen in love with the game. (and his enthusiasm for when talking in his video shows it!)

FG3000 loves PvP and, having just recently obtained Master Rank in Exos Heroes, it is a safe bet to vouch for his PvP meta videos. He recorded his progress while climbing to Master Rank, which often includes comical and super close matches showcasing top-tier strategies -- check it out!



Who's next?

Exo Heroes' global launch has created a swarm of content creators willing to share tricks, tips, and PvP gameplay. If you are new to the series (or the genre) now is the perfect time to join -- check out the Exos Heroes subReddit and join the conversation!

Also, let us know if you know of an Exos Heroes content creator that deserves a shout out! You can tweet to us at @InvenGlobal with recommendations!

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