DYN deokdam: "I don’t think the current Viper is top-tier... In our next match [against HLE], I’ll carry."


On the 24th (KST), in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split, Team Dynamics beat SeolHaeOne Prince 2-1 and collected their second win of the season. During the season, Aphelios and Ezreal appeared in the bot lane facing each other, but Seo “deokdam” Dae-gil selected Kai’Sa against Aphelios.



It’s your second win of the season. How do you feel?


We won, but it’s regretful that I wasn’t able to carry. It was positive that we were able to see Rich’s ability.

Many people said that deokdam is really good. If you rate yourself, where would you place yourself in the LCK?


It depends on my condition. When I’m good, I’m mid-high tier, but when I’m bad, I would be at the bottom.

After playing three matches, how is it playing in the LCK?


I’m still a bit nervous. I think we’re still adapting to the league.

Team Dynamics was in Challengers Korea for quite long. Who did you want to face the most? Any teams or players?


When we first got promoted, I really wanted to play against Gen.G. I really like Ruler so I wanted to face him and beat him.

Your next match is against Hanwha Life Esports. Viper is there. How do you think it’ll go?


If I’m in a good condition, I think I’ll win.

Then is Viper a below-mid-high tier ADC?


(Laughs) I don’t think the current Viper is top-tier.

Ezreal isn’t doing that well in the LCK. Why do you think Aphelios is strong against Ezreal in the LCK?


All LCK players are really good on Aphelios. Ezreal gets stronger after finishing his 2nd core item, but the Aphelios players manage to stomp Ezreal before that point. They make it easier for Aphelios to win.

Do you think Aphelios would keep winning?


Unless Aphelios gets nerfed more, I think it’ll go on.

Then why do you think players keep playing Ezreal?


It’s a pick that aims for the late game. If they give up about two dragons, Ezreal gets stronger from the third dragon, so they aim for that.

In Game 2, why did you pick Kai’Sa and build Serrated Dirk?


I really like Kai’Sa. I’ve been appealing that I want to play Kai’Sa against Ezreal. If I build Serrated Dirk, B.F. Sword, and two Long Swords, I can evolve my Q skill early. I wanted to pressure Ezreal through that and snowball.

During GuGer’s interview, he said that other ADCs like pressuring the opponent, but you enjoy playing stable.


Actually, I also like playing aggressively, but since everyone’s so good, it’s difficult to play aggressively. So I found my own style; I play strong when I’m strong and step back when I’m weak.

Any last comments?


In our next match [against Hanwha Life Esports], I’ll carry.



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