DYN Rich: "If the opponent is a moderate bruiser or tanker, Volibear can surely neutralize them."


On the 24th of June (KST), Team Dynamics defeated SeolHaeOne Prince 2-1 in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split. In the match, Lee “Rich” Jae-won had outstanding performances on Aatrox and Volibear, and was voted as Player of the Game. After the match, he was interviewed by the casters’ desk.



Congratulations on today’s win. You got two POGs today.


I made a mistake in Game 3, so I thought Kuzan would get it. I’m happy that I got the POG. We had a lot of concerns about today’s match against SeolHaeOne Prince, but it’s a relief that we won.

What was the biggest concern?


Both teams’ ADCs like Aphelios and HyBriD plays many different champions well. If both teams banned Aphelios, we might have been at a disadvantage. Fortunately, they didn’t ban Aphelios.

Volibear was the hottest pick for today. How do you think he is?


I think there are enough counters against Volibear to pick him first, but if the opponent is a moderate bruiser or tanker, Volibear can surely neutralize them.

Did you want to show how Volibear was meant to be played to ikksu in Game 3?


I had that intention slightly as well, but mainly, I picked him because Volibear’s good against Ornn.

Instead of Ezreal, Team Dynamics picked Kai’Sa. Did you go that way because it went well in scrims?


We thought Kai’Sa was better than Ezreal if we snowball without mistakes. During the scrims, it was alright, but there was a mistake during the mid dive so it got difficult.

Rich’s Aatrox is really great. How is it?


Aatrox is alright. Since we lost in Game 2 with me playing Aatrox, other teams won’t be too conscious of him now. Aatrox isn’t an outstanding champion; I’m just good at it, I don’t think he’s a good champion.

It’s the second win for Team Dynamics. Your next match is against Hanwha Life Esports. How do you think it’ll go?


Since Hanwha Life Esports’ bot duo is strong, we’re worried a bit, but I think we’ll be able to win through the top half. I’ll make sure we deliver good performances.



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