[UPDATED 6/25] Nexus Blitz has returned, with a beautiful new Ionian themed map

▲ Image Source: Skin Spotlights


After waiting nearly 200 years, fans can finally get excited for the return the fast-paced, temporary game mode, Nexus Blitz. Tuesday, June 23rd, Skin Spotlights uploaded images of the new Ionian themed (face shaped) map, which is completely updated from the original maps when the game first released two years ago in the summer of 2018. 


The new map features some small physical changes around the jungle and each of the two lanes, but its biggest update is the color scheme and art design. As an Ionian map, there are bright red plants decorating the battlefield, with a large frog statue adorning the center. Each team's fountain is also moved higher up on the map, curving a bit off the lanes. The map has undergone changes in the past, receiving small updates and tweaks across its various releases to the PBE and public server, but despite fewer physical tweaks, this may be the most drastic.


Riot has not yet announced when Nexus Blitz will be playable, but fans can expect it to be released at some point this summer. There haven't been any other posts regarding further changes to the game mode, what new added mini-games it may include, or what unique items it may bring, but expect an announcement coming soon TM. 


The game does seem to feature much of the old game's components though, like the Sudden Death that happened at 18 minutes, which mobilized each Nexus into a giant boxer-like humanoid that walked down the map to fight the opposing Nexus itself, based on the Skin Spotlights announcer video revealing the line, "Arise Nexus! Sudden Death!" It also hints at teams being able to earn Dragon Souls, which would be a new feature in this release, as well as a "Soraka Bot" that can join a team's defenses.


Inven Global will update this story upon reception of further information. While you wait, listen through all the announcements below. 



UPDATED 6/25: Riot has released a Dev Blog on the return of Nexus Blitz, detailing new features and events, as well as giving a more in depth look at the map. The mode is going live on PBE, so if you have an account, hop on and give the new map and features a test drive. Go protect that Soraka! 




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