Rascal: "I think we should get at least to semifinals. That's how far Uncia went last season."


Today's APEX matches may have showed some beautiful ult combos and sharp mechanics, but KongDoo Panthera Rascal's Sombra in Set 2 King's Row was arguably what gave the biggest hype to Overwatch fans around the world. His dream-come-true Sombra was the aggressive Sombra the fans have been waiting to see, translocating here and there to pick up multiple kills avoiding death and flanking around to activate EMPs. Rascal showed what Sombra is truly capable of especially after the buff, while also making a name for himself as the team's DPS.

The rest of KongDoo Panthera also boasted its flexibility throughout the entire match, showing not only how the team can provide a solid ground on which Sombra can hop around but also how the players can come up with timely team compositions to get what they want out of the game.

Below is the post-match press interview with Dongjun "Rascal" Kim.


How does it feel to win today and advance to quarterfinals?

We advanced without losing a single fight, and I am happy about that.


And that's definitely not something easy to do.

I think we were lucky with the teams we had in our group.


What do you think made KongDoo Panthera stronger than last season?

We went through rebuilds, and the new players have been showing solid performance. I think that's what made us stronger. Fissure, Bling, and Luffy have all successfully blended with the rest of the team.


Your Sombra was truly impressive today. What inspired you to play Sombra?

Sombra received buffs in the last patch on her hacking ability. I've been doing decent enough with Sombra off the stage, and was finally able to work things out with my teammates to show how far I could go with her.


Are you satisfied with your performance with Sombra today?

I think I could have done better, but I am satisfied as of now. I think we will probably be able to keep playing her in the future if we practice further.


How should we play Sombra?

A lot people play Sombra as they would do with Tracer, and this is where they are mistaken. Sombra has better mid-range DPS than Tracer, and this comes in handy if you position yourself well on the higher ground.


There is a chance that you can fight against your sister team, KongDoo Uncia.

We might face each other in semifinals. Uncia made it to semis in the previous season, and I think that's the bottom line of how high we should climb in the remaining games.


Last words?

Bling was originally the team's main DPS, and he would definitely have gone through much hardship as he was transitioning into playing as the team's Healer. He managed to overcome such challenge, and I feel proud and thankful for that. Our captain wakawaka always takes good care of us, and that's also what I am really thankful for.

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