G2 Jankos' offseason: "I basically watched a lot of K-Drama series."


Photo by Michal Konkol for Riot Games, altered by the author.


Everyone needs a vacation now and then. Professional players that are in the highest rankings are the ones with the least amount of time off, due to making it to every major tournament, so every time off counts.  Inven Global got to catch up with G2 Esports' Jungler Marcin "Jankos"  Jankowski, asking about his League of Legends European Championship off-season in Poland.


Let’s start off by discussing your offseason. What was it like to return home during the pandemic? 


Going home was very good. I had plenty of time to rest, but of course, it wasn’t perfect. I had to be quarantined in my apartment for fourteen days, but eventually, I was able to catch up with everyone. 

I recall seeing in your stories that you had to cross the border to Poland by walking! 


And yeah! I did have to walk across the border… I took a train from Berlin to the German border, but crossing to my country had to be done by foot.

Did you have to carry all your stuff?


Yeah. Just my suitcase. Actually. I was really really sweaty *laughs* It was a five-kilometer distance, so it wasn’t so bad. Once I got to the station, I had to wait four hours for my other train, a two and half hour ride. It took me quite a long time to get home, around eight hours when usually it takes around three hours.

And what is that you did in Poland? Please don’t tell me you just played League of Legends all break long…

I was not doing much since I was on lockdown, so I was focusing on my diet and my health. Instead of ordering, I was cooking my own food, also I was exercising. But other than that, of course, I was streaming and playing League of Legends. *laughs*


How was the cooking adventure, then?


I’d say that I am decent at making grilled chicken. Basically all I ate was veggies and some chicken, also some porridge. I didn’t really vary too much, I just cooked the same things over and over again.

So you’re a grilled chicken OTP.


Well, I went to a cooking school before! I never completed it because I had to leave in the middle of school to play in the LEC.

So if you went to the LEC, did you ever graduate high school?


No, I did not. I think having the degree would benefit me, but I have no use for it right now. I don’t regret my decision because, without it, I would not be where I am right now.

Activities aside, what was on your mind during the break?


I was really happy that we won, so I was not really stressing out about anything. I would have been really really mad if we lost the Spring Split Finals. 


I basically watched a lot of Korean Drama series.

...Wait, Jankos watches K Drama?!


Yes! *laughs* I was watching The World of the Married. It has stopped airing now, but it’s still a really good series, a lot of people watch it!



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