T-Pain is live on Twitch, making free music for streamers to use to avoid getting DMCA claims

▲ Screenshot taken from T-Pain's stream


A couple weeks ago, Twitch had a massive wave of DMCA claims, affecting many of their streamers, and leaving popular streamers with thousands of clips with no option but to mass delete all old vods and clips in order to save their account and keep it from being permanently banned. Music from clips and old vods could get copyright strikes, and three to an account calls for a ban. 




Following the chaos of streamers looking for solutions to save their channels and find music to play in the future, T-Pain has come onto Twitch to make free beats for streamers to play without fearing further copyright strikes. T-Pain himself said he knows and loves this community, and he just wants them to have something to play in their streams. The music isn't public yet, but will be later once more mixes get finalized. For now, you can watch him making the new beats on Twitch at twitch.tv/tpain. 





Check back here for more details and links to the DMCA-free music when he releases it. 



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