DWG ShowMaker: "Playing at LoL Park again... Definitely makes my heart flutter"


On the 19th (KST), DAMWON Gaming took down SANDBOX 2-0 on Day 3 of the 2020 LCK Summer split. It was a quick and decisive victory for DWG, as they were able to take down SB under 25 minutes for both sets. 


Heo “ShowMaker” Su joined Inven Global for an exclusive one-on-one post-match interview, to talk about the game, and shared his goal of winning the Summer split for a direct seed at the LoL World Championship.



How does it feel to take the decisive 2-0 today?


We’re off to a good start, and I’m satisfied with our performance, so today’s victory holds a lot of meaning.

Was there anything that you were particularly worried about before the match?


Although we played at LoL Park for the MSC, it’s been a while since we played here for the regular season, so we were worried whether or not we could adjust to the environment. However, I was very confident in myself, so other than that, I wasn’t particularly worried about anything.


Playing at LoL Park again definitely makes it feel like we’re playing in matches. It makes my heart flutter.

You mentioned that you were full of confidence. Can you tell us the reason why?


Not only is our practice going well, I was personally full of confidence. Hitting rank 1 on the Korean solo queue ladder (currently sitting at 1,659 LP) did boost my confidence, so while it’s embarrassing to say this myself, I don’t think my level of performance isn’t too bad right now.

In game 1, DWG first picked Trundle instead of Syndra. Not only is she a champion that you’re really good with, she’s also a very highly contested pick at the moment. Can you tell us why the team first picked Trundle instead of Syndra?


In our opinion, we just thought that Trundle was the best pick for the comp we were drafting, and we also believed that we can handle Syndra.

You played Zoe incredibly well in game 1. Can you give some tips on being so accurate with “Sleepy Trouble Bubble”?


Her E is a skill that can travel through walls, and when players use smartcast, they just ignore the range of that skill. I recommend that you use normal cast when using her E. Although I use that skill on smartcast myself (laughter).

In game 2, DWG played Syndra-Pantheon bot lane, which was pretty unconventional.


Our bot laner, Ghost, picked Syndra during the Spring split as well, so we were able to send her bot lane. Pantheon support is something new that we’ve showcased, and it wasn’t bad during practice, so we used it. Pantheon’s a champion that needs to snowball to abuse his power spikes early-mid game, and based on how game 2 went, I’d say BeryL played him very well (laughter).

Early in the Spring split, you gave yourself a 0.5 out of 10. How would you rate yourself today?


Because of my teammates playing very well today, I want to give myself a 5/10. I did play well, but my teammates created situations where I couldn’t do anything else but play well. If I was the one that plays well while being behind, I think I can give myself a higher score. 

What’s the goal for the Summer split?


Since the Summer split is closely knit with the road to Worlds, I want to not only make it to Worlds, but go there directly by winning the LCK Summer split. Personally, I don’t want get solo killed in lane.

Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say to your fans? 


As the Summer split decides who gets to go to Worlds, I’ll do my absolute best to perform well. Please continue to support DWG, and I’d like to thank the fans for the gifts they sent us as well.

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