SP Mickey: "When it comes to damage dealing, HyBriD’s exceptionally good."


On the 18th (KST), SeolHaeOne Prince defeated Hanwha Life Esports in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split. It was a close and long match, going all three games, but mid laner Son “Mickey” Young-min, rolled a six and carried the team to victory. Mickey was voted as the Player of the Game in both games that SP won. He joined the press room for an interview after the match.



How do you feel winning the first game of your return?


I was quite nervous and I wasn’t that sure if I could do well in our match. Since I became the POG today, memories from my debut came back and I was really happy.

You said that you’ll be playing like it’s your debut.


It’s been so long since I played in the LCK last so it felt like my debut. The arena changed and everything was different. Since I had done well in my debut match, I said that thinking I want to do the same.

When you joined SeolHaeOne Prince, was ikksu helpful in adapting to the team?


When I came back, ikksu was the captain. From when we were in Afreeca, he was a good friend. We use the same room, so we talk a lot. There were many things that were more convenient since ikksu was here.

It has been four years since you’ve played in the LCK. What has changed?


It got a lot better here. I’ve been to all four major leagues and I think the LCK environment is the best. The arena itself, LoL Park is really big and the makeup artists take care of me very sincerely (Laughs). In foreign leagues, it took about 10 seconds, but here, they spend a lot more time with more effort. Also, I didn’t know how big LoL Park was. There’s a lot to see. The fans who visit here would enjoy it since there’s so much to see.

Many fans evaluate HyBriD very highly. How is it playing with him?


I think all my teammates are better than I am. Since I sit next to HyBriD, I often see him play. He plays really confidently, so I tell him that he’s really good. When it comes to damage dealing, he’s exceptionally good.

Over the years, you’ve been always called a ‘dice’. Now that you have more experience, do you think chances of rolling a high number got higher?


I’m a bit worried that I’ve raised the bar of expectations by doing well today (Laughs). After gaining more experience, I watched my plays from before and I saw that I lacked in so many parts. Now, with more experience, I think I’ve learned to roll higher numbers. 

How did you think you can be of help joining SeolHaeOne Prince?


I watched APK Prince play when I was in the LEC. I thought they were good fighters but lacked macro. My mechanics may lack, but I thought that my macro got a lot better so I thought I’ll let the others carry and help them with the macro.

What’s your goal for SeolHaeOne Prince this season?


I just hope we get to the playoffs. I really can’t predict how high we can get. We’ll continue to improve. It’s not only me, everyone’s a dice here (Laughs). I don’t know where we’ll end up. I want to reach at least the playoffs.

There aren’t many players that have experienced all four major leagues. How does that help?


There are drafts that each region prefers. Honestly, I didn’t think the drafts in LCK look good. In the EU, the coaching staff studies a lot about the picks and bans. Since I know the good picks from several regions, I can help more in our team’s draft.

Any last comments?


I don’t know how many fans are cheering for me. The reason I returned to the LCK was that I wanted to meet the fans. I really missed the fan meets here and it’s such a shame that we can’t do it because of the coronavirus. I hope you cheer from me from your homes.




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