DYN GuGer: "If we’re able to maintain this level of performance, reaching the playoffs might not be just a dream."


On June 18th (KST), Team Dynamics defeated kt Rolster in their 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split. It was a clean 2-0 victory for Team Dynamics, celebrating their debut in the league. After the match, Team Dynamics support Kim “GuGer” Do-yeop joined the media room for an interview to talk about their match.



Team Dynamics collected their first victory in the LCK. How do you feel?


I was worried because our practice wasn’t going that well, but the performance on stage was quite good, so everyone’s pretty satisfied.

You picked Yasuo-Senna into your bot lane in Game 1. How did you end up picking such a unique duo?


Ezreal, Kalista, and Aphelios are the three main champions in the bot lane. We practiced several compositions with Senna. Deokdam plays Yasuo very well and we thought the comp we selected would go well if we supported the other lanes. We thought even if we were pushed back in the early game, if we endure that phase, the game would go well.

As you said, it was a struggle in the early game. Was the push as hard as you thought?


It was just the amount that we anticipated. We thought that we would give up all the turret gold as well. Actually, I thought it may be even harder, thinking we’ll give up the first two dragons. The main focus was to take as much CS we can until our chance came.

You’ve been a pro gamer for quite long and you’ve returned to the LCK in a long time. How does it feel?


I wasn’t a starting member for long. When I was in Kongdoo, the results weren’t good and my performance wasn’t good as well. I had a difficult time because I got criticized a lot, so I had always thought that I want to return to the LCK to show good performances and change the bad evaluations. Now that I have the chance, I’ll be working harder so that people would think of me as a decent support player.

What kind of play does Team Dynamics aim for?


The main focus of our team is having teamfights or objective fights according to our plans at the time we want, so our highest priority is the team’s synergy. We’d like to be evaluated as a team that fights well aggressively in teamfights.

Deokdam had a quadrakill today. What kind of a player is he?


Deokdam used to use the nickname, Feiz, but his nickname during his amateur years was Deokdam. People knew the name Deokdam better so he changed it. He’s a good player with good mechanics. Unlike a rookie, he’s really calm and his shotcalls are really good. Almost as good as an experienced player. Even if I roam around a lot, Deokdam is a stable player and doesn’t die. He’s very helpful to the team.

How is he compared to the many other ADCs you played with?


Most of the ADCs I had played with likes to push lane, applying pressure to their opponents. I think it’s the first time I’m playing with such a stable-style ADC. Personally, this style goes better with me. We talk more about the game and the bot lane as well.

It was a rather easy win for you. Would your season goal change?


We thought the game would be difficult, but it went better than what we thought. If we’re able to maintain this level of performance, reaching the playoffs might not be just a dream. Our goal is to reach the playoffs, gain more experience in Bo5s to grow more. It would be really good if we’re able to reach the regional qualifiers as well.

Lastly, any comments?


Since we’ve reached the LCK from the promotions, many fans are paying attention to us. We’ll do our best so that we can live up to those expectations and show good performances. Thank you.



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