DRX Keria: "I want to have a career as good as Faker... I'd like to become the support with the most championships."


On June 17th (KST), in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split, DRX defeated T1 2-1. In the last game, Ryu “Keria” Min-seok contributed massively to the victory playing Bard and was voted as the Player of the Game. He sat with the press for a post-match interview.


How do you feel defeating T1?


I feel good that we beat T1, who I had never beaten before, with a decent performance.

The first match of the season was against T1. Did you prepare anything special for this match?


We didn’t have anything specific to play against T1, but I did think that we need to win no matter what.

As you said, it’s your first win against T1 since your debut. That should give you more confidence.


Whenever I played against T1, there was a part of me that made me nervous. But through this victory, I think I’ll be able to play comfortably against them like any other team.

You picked Bard for the first time in your career in Game 3.


It seemed that Bard is played often in the LPL so I practiced him in scrims and solo queue. He’s good according to the opponent’s characteristics.

Whenever Aphelios is picked, he’s almost unstoppable. As a support player, how strong is he?


He’s currently quite good, but I think Ezreal is better than Aphelios. Aphelios isn’t as good as when he was first made.

It was the first match of your second season. What was different from your first match in your debut season?


There wasn’t much of a difference. Both matches were important ones that I really wanted to win; in the spring, since it was my debut game, and today, it was against T1 who I hadn’t won against before. Also, I thought that I improved a lot through the spring split and I was able to learn a lot during the MSC as well.

Being eliminated in the group stage at the MSC must be quite regretful. How did you feel when you lost and what did you think watching the remaining matches?


When we lost, I was quite angry and thought that we’ll be able to win if we meet again next time. I watched the semifinals and finals afterward; I thought Karsa was really good. I watched him mainly.

You said that you’ll be playing as if this summer split was your last season. It’s not something that rookies usually say. What did it mean?


If we don’t reach Worlds or the regional qualifiers, the summer season is the last schedule for this year. I said that I’ll be doing my best because of that.

You often say that you want to become the world’s best support. How well do you need to do to satisfy yourself?


In the long term, I want to have a career as good as Faker. It would be really hard, but I'd like to become the support with the most championships.

You’ll be facing Gen.G right away this week.


As much as we finished our first match against T1 well, I’d like to continue winning against Gen.G as well.

Any last comments?


Thank you to all the fans that cheer for us. Please keep your hopes up for DRX.



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