DRX Chovy: "What other goals should a player have besides winning the championship? That’s my only goal."


On the 17th (KST), DRX defeated T1 2-1 in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split. It was Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon’s Ziggs that led the team to victory in the final Game 3. With the Cloud dragon’s soul, Chovy cleared T1’s base bomb after bomb. Chovy sat with Inven Global after the match to talk about today’s game and how he felt after the MSC.



Congratulations on today’s win against T1. How do you feel?


We kept losing to T1 so it was uncomfortable. I’m really happy that we won today.

You’ve been playing in the LCK for a few seasons now. What did you focus on the most while preparing for this season?


I focused on bringing up my prowess. I tried to find the champion according to the situations, increase my skills, and studied which direction I should play.

Doran had ‘special training’. Did you also do something similar?


I also did my best while practicing. I played solo queue with him when we were preparing for the MSC.

What did DRX focus on the most while preparing for the season?


We focused on the picks & bans, and connecting plays fluently the most.

You played Twisted Fate in Game 1. How is he in the current meta?


Twisted Fate has good lane clearing ability so he doesn’t fall behind. Even if the team’s falling behind, he can join the team faster than the opponent through his ult. If he isn’t banned, we’ll probably see him often during the season.

How was the feedback after the loss in Game 2?


I thought the biggest reason we lost was that I was cut off. The main feedback was about having to get the kill when we dove in top lane.

How did you end up picking Ziggs in Game 3?


We had Bard and there were several champions that don’t have a moving skill, plus their range was fairly short. So I thought if I played Ziggs, I would be able to hit the turret while Twisted Fate was roaming. Also, since Ziggs can push the lane very quickly, it would be convenient to play more actively. The opponent would have a hard time evading my ult and with the Cloud dragon’s soul, the cooldown was really fast.

Let’s talk about the MSC for a bit. How was the feedback after the tournament was over?


The feedback was mostly about the picks & bans.

What did you feel after participating in the competition?


Since there were many games, we needed to manage our condition well. We also need to maintain our forms throughout the season.

How was it playing against the LPL players? Who was the most impressive mid laner?


I don’t remember anything in particular. Among the mid laners in the tournament, Rookie and Bdd were the most impressive.

You fell to T1 several times in the playoffs up to now. Do you think it’ll be different this season?


It has to be different this time, no matter what. That’s my goal. We’ll see how it goes.

Obviously, your goal would be to win the championship this season. Do you have any personal goals?


During a season, what other goals should a player have besides winning the championship? That’s my only goal.

Lastly, a word to the fans?


Everyone, thank you for keeping an eye on me and cheering for me all the time.



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