EA announced new Star Wars fighter pilot multiplayer game, Squadrons

▲ Image  Source: EA Star Wars


Joining EA's Star Wars Battlefront II and Jedi Fallen Order is Star Wars: Squadrons, an upcoming fighter pilot game featuring some of the most iconic ships in the saga, like the X-Wing and TIE Fighter. EA released a teaser of the new title on June 15th, with a more in-depth explanation, including gameplay, coming this Thursday, June 18th, in EA's Play Live event.


The trailer depicts a TIE Fighter pilot chasing an X-Wing through a meteor field, each ship taking damage and calling off the chase to return to base and reconvene with their allies, followed by multiple battle sequences and clashes in space. The game will feature a single player mode, but seems focused on 5v5 multiplayer, allowing players to team up, plan their attack, and launch into a coordinated dogfight.  





There has not been any true gameplay footage released yet, however the beginning of their teaser shows "Game Engine Footage," from the inside of an X-Wing, hinting that the game will take place in first person, placing the player inside the cockpit of their chosen space fighter. More gameplay specifics will be confirmed Thursday. The game is set to launch October 2nd, 2020, and will feature crossplay for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Check back here for more updates on Star Wars: Squadrons, as more information continues to get released.


▲ Image  Source: EA Star Wars



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