Overwatch's Mei, Nexomania II and a new Nexus Anomaly coming to Heroes of the Storm

▲ Mei (and Snowball) are entering the nexus. Images source: Blizzard Entertainment


Are you ready for a little...wrestling? Snow? Rain? Overwatch?


All of the above? Well, look no further because if you happen to be a fan of all of those...things then you have come to the right place at the right time.


On Monday, June 15, Blizzard Entertainment unveiled details regarding an upcoming event and content coming to Heroes of the Storm for the community to get their hands on as soon as possible. As the hero brawler recently celebrated its fifth birthday, the development team decided to thank the playerbase by returning a fan-favorite event and turn one of the most popular characters in the Blizzard universe into a playable Heroes of the Storm character.


It's gonna be Mei


It has been more than two-and-a-half years since a hero from Blizzard's first-person shooter, Overwatch, found their way into the nexus. The development team felt that was long enough and decided to change that on Monday by announcing that Mei-Ling Zhou would be joining the roster. Playable on the Public Test Realm (PTR) at the time of this point, Mei has teamed up with her weather-modification drone, Snowball, to help cool off the nexus during the summer heat. 

▲ Mei in her "Renowned" skin.

Built as a frontline Tank character, Mei (and Snowball) are able to manipulate the frozen tundra to block off enemies from escaping, start a snowball fight at a moment's notice, encase herself in ice and much, much more.


With play-making potential built right into her kit, long-time Tank players (or just fans of Overwatch) will soon find themselves slipping and sliding all over the map, leaving a wake of powder in the faces of their foes.


Her full list of talents and abilities can be found here. 


Nexooooooomania is back


▲ Who will take home the Intermultiversal Nexoweight Championship?


Who doesn't love some good old wrestling? The Heroes of the Storm playerbase does and so do the champions populating the nexus. Back and better than ever, the Nexomania event returns with even more champions and mounts dressed up as luchadors. 


Imperius, Mal'Ganis, and Lili are all receiving event-exclusive skins with varying chromas. For the duration of the event, past Nexomania skins will become available to purchase, with some receiving new chromas as well.

▲ Gata de Batalla Lili skin.
▲ El Bandito Imperius skin.
▲ Mal'Gaucho Mal'Ganis skin.


Complete in-game questions to earn an array of cosmetics to flaunt on the battlefield and choose your champion to fight for the glory that awaits in Nexomania II.


Mother Nature invades the nexus


▲ Don't let a little rain dampen your nexus experience.


As if fighting against five opponents who want to smash you aren't enough, now Mother Nature is getting involved. According to the game's development team, the newest Nexus Anomaly brewing revolves around three weather conditions that can turn the tides of battle in a moment's notice: rain, fog, and snow.


Once the patch goes live, each battleground will have a specific type of weather event that will occur periodically throughout the game. In few-minute intervals, champions will receive unique buffs based on the weather condition while it persists. Details as to what rain, fog, and snow will do to the characters are currently unknown but only time will tell how the climate in the nexus will impact matches.

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