Online IGEC Panel: "Esports & Black Lives Matter: A Conversation"


After a week off, the 2020 Inven Global Esports Conference is returning in its digital format with a panel every Friday at 2:00pm PT.  "Esports & Black Lives Matter: A Conversation" will go live on the Inven Global Twitter via Periscope, and will discuss the intersection between esports and modern day civil rights movement #BlackLivesMatter. Inven Global Director of Corporate Strategy Nick D'Orazio will be moderating the discussion between three panelists. 




Glitch, a musical artist and content creator is primarily known for her work in the Pokémon and Overwatch communities. Glitch also performs both music and remixes live, and was a featured DJ at the 2018 California Cup hosted by OWL franchise Los Angeles Valiant. 

Of course, one of the most important factors in a nuanced discussion is a dynamic contrast of perspectives and experiences, and the two panelists joining Glitch on the IGEC 2020 panel will be providing that in spades. Terrence Miller, known primarily in the Hearthstone community, is a Twitch partner as well an avid card game player and streamer. Lee Massie, the Director of Talent Management Solutions firm TyrusTV, will round out the panel.


Topics for the upcoming IGEC 2020 digital panel "Esports & Black Lives Matter: A Conversation" will include how the industry can support the #BLM movement, the potential role of game development companies in extinguishing racism in online communities, unique challenges one has to face by being black in the esports/gaming industryand a full-scale evaluation of the legitimacy and execution of the industry's public support of #BlackLivesMatter in context of community-building.

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