How to clear the Reversed World Core Raid -- full breakdown and guide

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If you think for a second a friendly baker and a small sheep aren’t powerful enemies worthy of your respect, think again! The latest Reversed World Event can catch you by surprise if you are not prepared, but this guide will help you survive the high attack damage and exponential growth potential of this charming raid encounter.

If your team isn’t powerful enough to defeat any of these encounters in the first run, don’t worry. You can swap your party in the next run strategically to get more efficient guardian stone breaks. On average, it will take most players three runs to defeat each boss, so don’t get discouraged.


Let’s dive into this raid’s strategy!



Don’t Play the Long Game.


The core mechanic of this raid is that the bosses get stronger after each turn. If you have a team based on stalls and defense, you will have a VERY hard time defeating these enemies! The ideal strategy is to build a team designed around breaking guardian stones, dealing tons of burst damage, and 1-2 supporting type heroes that can lower the bosses attack and protect your team. All in all, you want to minimize the amount of turns the bosses can take.


The ideal combination against The Reversed World Core bosses are heroes of the Dark element, the Fire Element, and Machine damage. Since each boss has three phases, you want to bring at least two heroes that match the guardian stone you are trying to break.

First attempt = Bring at least two Dark elemental types. Just focus on depleting the bosses first health bar!  Baileysh (especially The Fate Core version) is highly recommended against this encounter, as the damage over time abilities are very effective in breaking guardian stones.

Second attempt = Bring at least two Mechanical elemental types. Same strategy as before; break the guardian stone and do as much burst as possible! Baraka is ar powerful choice here, as he has among the highest machine damage in the game.

Third attempt = Bring at least two Fire elemental types. Obviously Fate Core Zeon is a great pick here. Pair him with another Fire hero with strong counter attack abilities.


NOTE: Mana efficiency is vital for these fights. Save mana for when the Guardian Stone is broken!

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The Red Baker

Difficulty: Hard
Price: 40 levistones


You can participate as many times as you want

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The Strongest Sheep

Difficulty: Extreme
Price: 60 levistones

You can participate three times per day


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The White Warlord

Difficulty: Special
Price: 100 levi stones

You can only participate once per day.

NOTE: If not geared properly, the hardest difficulties will wipe out your entire team!


Why the grind is worth it.

First, let's look at the Core Raid Shop.

As you clear the raids, you get unique raid coupons that you can use to purchase in the Core Raid shop. There are basic products that grant experience and treasure, but the real prize is the Step up rewards. In order to get the step-up, you must first buy all of the basic items leading up to it.

Tier 1 prize: Fate Core Gale


A unique Fate Core for this event that adds an extra ability to his passive!


Tier 2 prize: One holy water of the universe.


A highly valuable item that allows you to further boost your favorite characters.


Tier 3 Prize: Creation Spirit King


This can be used to enhance the attack, defense and HP of a hero.


Tier 4 Prize: Light of the Enlightened


A Fated physical helmet, another high power item worth the grind.


Tier 5 Prize: Prophet’s Halo


A fated magical helmet. This helmet is perfect for magical based units.

NOTE: Fated items are usually very hard to get, so the Tier 4 and Tier 5 rewards are extremely worth it!

The grind is hard, but with proper strategy and perseverance, it is well worth it. Good luck, Exos Heroes!

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