Twitch drops cause surge of viewers in Escape from Tarkov

▲ Image source: Battlestate Games


On the 11th, Battlestate Games enabled Twitch drops for Escape from Tarkov, to have the game peak at 270,000 viewers, according to Inven Global’s datalab. The Twitch drops will be available from the 11th through the 22nd, on dedicated channels that can be found here. The event has caused Escape from Tarkov to be the most viewed game on Twitch.


▲ Image source: Twitch


By watching the streams with drops enabled, players can receive many different items such as ‘Factory Key’, ‘Corrugated Hose’, or the ‘SR1M Silenced’ pistol, etc. Compared to previous drops which featured Graphics Cards, GEN4 Armors, or Dogtag cases, etc, the items that are distributed aren’t that much, but considering it’s only the start of a new season after the global wipe on the last 28th, many users are participating with interest.


It has been quite long since Escape from Tarkov was introduced to the world, yet it is not yet known when it’ll come out of closed beta. This drops event may be a clue for its official launch.



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    Escape from Tarkov's hardcore game really makes me like it very much. The very real feeling makes me, a player who has never touched a real gun, come into contact with several kinds of firearms at close range, which is a great experience. - Eznpc

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