C9 Blaber: "I thought Nisqy was going to win LCS Spring Split MVP."

▲ Photo by Tina Jo for Riot Games

Cloud9's 2020 League of Legends Championship Spring Split was one of the most dominant spring performances we've seen in LCS history. Cloud9 secured 1st place with a 17-1 record, and only dropped a single game in the 2020 LCS Spring Playoffs on its way to the first domestic LoL esports championship since the spring of 2014. 

Cloud9 Jungler Robert "Blaber" Huang, who won the 2020 LCS Spring Split MVP award, joined Inven Global's Nick Geracie ahead of the LCS Summer Split to reflect on C9's dominant spring and winning the MVP award over his Mid Laner Yasin "Nisqy" Dincer. 


I'm here with Cloud9 Jungler Blaber. How has practice been going ahead of the Summer Split?


It's been pretty good. The offseason was good, and we've been practicing for two or three weeks now.



Is that longer than other LCS teams have been practicing after the off-season break?


No, I believe we were actually one of the last teams to start practicing. A lot of teams started practicing about a month ago, so we were definitely one of the later teams. I think the only team that started after us was Evil Geniuses.



Spring Split couldn't have gone much better for you: 1st place Spring Split, 1st place Spring Playoffs, and Spring Split MVP. Did having all of this happen online due to the COVID-19 pandemic lessen the achievement for you at all?


I think we all didn't feel as good about winning it all as we thought we would have because it wasn't on stage. I feel like there was no real emotion. We were obviously happy, but this spring went exactly how we thought it would once we started well. I felt like if we hadn't won, it would have been more of a bummer than other Finals matchups. It feels like most LCS Finals have been hyped and competitive where anyone could take the win, but this one didn't feel emotional at all. *laughs*

▲ Photo by Colin Young-Wolff for Riot Games


Cloud9 was so dominant it was almost expected for you guys to win, right? If you had lost, it would have been considered a massive upset.


Exactly, yeah.



You had a phenomenal individual split. Were there any unique challenges you were faced with in your first split as the full-time starting Jungler for C9, and did you feel you were able to overcome those obstacles on your way to 2020 LCS Spring Split MVP?


I think my biggest challenge this past split was not being able to have a survival plan, but I really feel like I worked on that. I think I got a lot better this split about knowing when to make aggressive plays. I still play very aggressively because that's my playstyle, but I think I've gotten better about when to go for those plays. I think I improved on that a lot.


As far as the MVP award goes, I am very glad I won it, but I didn't expect it, even towards the end of the split when I thought I was playing really well. I thought Nisqy was going to win LCS Spring Split MVP. *laughs* It feels good to get the MVP award, though, obviously, so I'm not complaining.



Congratulations on all of your recent success. Are there any goals you're setting for yourself ahead of the Summer Split?


I want to perform at least as well as I did last split, and hopefully, even better. The goal is always to improve, right? I'm hoping to play really well this split, hopefully win it all again, and then do really well at the World Championship.



Is there anything you want to say to the Cloud9 fans ahead of the Summer Split?


Thanks to everyone supporting us. We had a really good Spring Split, and I think we'll be able to have that same dominance heading into the Summer Split. I hope you guys keep cheering for us; thanks for all the support.



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