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How the Scoring Works


What the E1 Fantasy platform accomplishes more than anything, is bringing LoL esports fans closer to the game. The design of the scoring system has a massive impact on this ability, so they keep it extremely clear and trackable from a viewership perspective. The platform provides you with the ability to watch and track every point that your lineup scores with complete clarity.


The Scoring System


  • Players
    • Kills = 3 points
    • Deaths = (-1) point
    • Assist = 1.5 Points
    • Creep Score = 0.02 points
    • *Captain bonus*: If you correctly select the Champion that you Captain plays for a game, you get 50% bonus points to the Fantasy Points he scores in that game (actual score x 1.5)
  • Teams
    • Win = 2 points
      • Win <20min = 5 points (in addition to +2 Win points)
      • Win 20min - 30min = 2 points (in addition to +2 Win points)
    • Turret Destroyed = 1 point
      • First Turret Bonus = 1 point (in addition to Turret Destroyed point)
    • Dragon killed = 2 points
    • Baron killed = 3 points
    • Rift Herald killed = 2 points
    • First Blood = 2 points


Learn it, study it, memorize it (or don’t because you don’t have to do any calculations yourself). It is going to be a fun season!



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