Legends of Runeterra launches Gauntlets, Labs, Events, and more this Summer


Just a month after exiting beta, Legends of Runeterra is announcing a road-map for the future of the game, including all new game modes, regions, expansions, and more. "When it comes to different and exciting ways to use your collection of cards, we've barely scratched the surface." Riot Games and the Legends of Runeterra team announced Gauntlets, Labs, Events, and a whole plethora of new cards coming soon.


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"Our goal has been to develop an entire ecosystem of modes and features for you to show off your skill," says Legends of Runeterra Executive Producer, Jeff Jew. The first way players can do that is through the upcoming addition of "Gauntlets" on June 26th. Gauntlets will be a competitive game mode that brings new rules to the game offering exclusive rewards. The first Gauntlet will carry standard game rules, but the second will allow each card to be picked only once - no card stacking. Different rule changes and tweaks will come in the future. Each Gauntlet will consist of seven possible matches, can you win them all? 


The next game mode to be added is Labs, coming July 8th. Like Gauntlets, Labs will change the game rules, but they'll be much more experimental and extreme. "We guarantee there will be wild gameplay and some mad science," says Lead Designer Andrew Yip. The first Lab will feature Heimerdinger, but the Legends of Runeterra team won't give too many spoilers on how they changed the game.


Finally, at the end of July, Legends of Runeterra will begin seeing month long events, similar to those in League of Legends. These events will have their own rewards and quests, and they will be accessible by every player. Of course, there's also an event pass as well, to allow for further rewards. "If you're the kind of player who likes collecting the latest and greatest boards, guardians, emotes, and more, events are your time to shine."




Lastly, Legends of Runeterra has an official schedule for their card releases. In August, Riot Games will release yet another region to the game, featuring more champions and their peers. Every two months, they'll expand on those new regions, with additional cards. Then every six months, Riot will launch a new region, following the same schedule. 


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They've also responded to feedback and will be updating the client and game functionality as well, providing a more smooth gameplay experience and allowing for more engagement with the community. 


▲ Screenshot from Legends of Runeterra's Tweet


As they were signing off, the team hinted at even more additions to Legends of Runeterra's gameplay in the future, including Tournaments and more single player options. But those are still early in development, too early to include a specific launch date. Be on the lookout for futher announcements, and get ready for a busy Summer, as a flurry of new modes - Gauntlets, Labs, and Events - go live each month.



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