How to Break Into the Game Localization Industry

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Videogames have conquered the world. This is a fact. The market of the game industry is
immense, as well as its profits. However, the game itself cannot spread globally without the
help of game translators, who help the developers to localize their products to fit any country
and culture. Everyone who enters the game localization job market should have certain skills
and be proficient with games. So, many gamers want to try the translation by themselves.
Their ultimate dream is to work in the industry they love the most. Are you one of them? If
yes, take the time to read this article and get the top advice.

How to start a game localizer career?

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■ First, read about the industry. Usually, the whole gaming deal requires lots of
creativity. It is also a very criticized, unappreciated, and peculiar sphere. You may require not only to translate the game’s plot and dialogues, but also convert the story
of the game, characters, and nearly every piece of the game. You will create a whole
world depending on the culture you need to reflect on your localization.


■ Next, know your skills. The first obvious skill is languages. You should know the
foreign language very well. The general knowledge and love to research is also a
plus, as these skills allow you to deal with sophisticated matters which the modern
games provide. These include history, idioms, literature, politics, and many more.

■ Be sure to enter competitions. Such events as LocJam allow you to participate in
game localization contests and win a prestigious first place that paves the road to
game translation offers. The Steam platform also gives a chance to gain loyal clients.
Although you will work for free in the beginning, companies may remember you if you
did a good job.

■ Finally, choose office or freelance. While the first provides you with a steady
income, an integral workplace, and interesting people around, it has a sort of rigidity
in hours. Also, you may spend a lot of time to find Translationreport, but it is always
worth it. Alternatively, you may start as a freelancer. If you want to be your boss and
have flexible hours, go for it.

Places to Start Work

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1. ProZ Pools.
This freelance platform group professionals into “pools,” which represent different
types of activity. Surely, there is a “pool” for game translators. You have to apply to
the pool and go through a screening, while the staff will verify your profile. After this,
you can create an appealing profile and start finding clients.


2. Global freelance sites.
To enter freelance sites, you may require a bit of research. You may use other places
than special forums for game localizers. Places for game developers and the overall
game industry will be fine. Also, be sure to check the biggest freelance sites globally.
They often have a large number of offers in your sphere of interest. Try UpWork, for


3. Local job offers.
This way is pretty “old school” in the modern days of freelance and remote work. Still,
it is effective. Place your CV on some of the most popular hiring platforms in your
country or apply to job offers that you like the most. Remember to include your
relevant projects in your portfolio to make sure the potential employers choose you
over the other candidates.


4. Independent game developers.

You may find their groups through Facebook and offer your services. The reason is,
they do not have a large budget to use the help of large and renowned localization
companies. Thus, your chances are high. Apply to such groups as IndieGameDevs,
IndieGameLocalization, or IndieGamePromo to get your first orders.


The people who choose the game localization industry always do their job with passion.
Especially if they have a gaming background and willingness to learn every day. This sphere
is fast-growing, interesting, and challenging. Still, it is worth your efforts. It gives you the
chance to localize exciting games and participate in all kinds of projects throughout the
world. When you break into the game localization industry, remember about its tough
approach and high criteria. Learn the languages, master your skills, and apply to the
contests and indie projects to obtain experience in the sphere. Work hard on your dream.
After this, no one can stop you.



Henry McDowell is an educated specialist who provides translation and writing services for
many companies worldwide. He is keen on sports and traveling. Henry says his most
exciting experience is freelance work, which allows him to visit different countries.

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