Faker collaborates with Nike in a yoga training program

Nike is presenting a yoga training program on nike.com with T1 Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok. The program is designed so that even beginners can follow easily at home.


This program is the first official sports content that Faker did with Nike. It was made to emphasize the positive effect of exercising. In the 30-minute video, Faker demonstrates several yoga moves and breathing for esports players and those who have to be sitting for long periods of times while being instructed by Nike Training Club’s yoga trainer. There are exercises that can strengthen the shoulder, neck, back muscles, as well as several motions that improves the physical ability such as ‘down dog’ or ‘cobra’, etc, and is made so that beginners who aren’t used to exercising can easily follow.




In the video, Faker said, “In esports, strong mental health and patience is compulsory and players have to maintain a high level of concentration, so it’s essential to be in a physical state that can endure that. I hope everyone who spends a lot of time indoors as well as esports players experience the positive energy from this video.”



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