12 Hearthstone cards receive balance changes in new patch

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On Monday, May 18th, Hearthstone will release a small patch to help balance the game, updating 12 cards in Standard. After the update, eight of the cards will be available for a full dust refund until June 1st, while the other four cards won't. It's Hearthstone's practice to provide a chance at a full refund after making big changes or nerfs to a card, meaning 2/3 of this patch falls in that category. They have also fixed the bug with Ethereal Conjurer to prevent it from locking the game when played.


The non-refundable changes feature Aldor Attendant, Torrent, Shattered Rumbler, and The Lurker Below. Pictured below are the old values. Aldor Attendant will become a 1 Cost, 1 Attack, 3 Health card. Torrent will become a 4 Cost card. Shattered Rumbler will remain 5 Cost, but will have 5 Attack, 6 Health. And The Lurker Below will remain a 6 Cost, but have 6 Attack, 5 Health. 



The eight cards with bigger changes/nerfs that will be available for refund are Priestess of Fury, Crimson Sigil Runner, Scavengers Ingenuity, Shadowjeweler Hanar, Blackjack Stunner, Imprisoned Scrap Imp, Bloodboil Brute, and Bloodsworn Mercenary.


Priestess of Fury remains 7 Cost, 6 Attack, but loses 2 Health to become 5 Health. Crimson Sigil Runner remains 1 Cost, 1 Health, but loses 1 Attack to become 1 Attack. Scavengers Identity keeps it's same traits, but it's Draw a Beast changes to 2 Attack, 2 Health. Shadowjeweler Hanar remains 2 Cost, 1 Attack, but loses 1 Health to become 4 Health.



Blackjack Stunner keeps its traits, but changes its effects, making the minion returned to hand cost only 1 more, not 2. Imprisoned Scrap Imp keeps its traits but changes its effects, so when it awakens from dormancy, it gives all minions in your hand +2/+1, not +2/+2. Bloodboil Brute remains 7 Cost, 8 Health, but loses 1 Attack to become 5 Attack. Bloodsworn Mercenary remains 3 Cost but loses 1 Attack and 1 Health to become a 2 Attack, 2 Health card.








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Card images via Blizzard Entertainment

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