SSG Ambition: "My goal is to make the Spring Split finals"

On February 19th (KST), Samsung Galaxy defeated Jin Air Green Wings 2-0 in the first matchup of Day 20 LCK Spring Split 2017, held at Nexon Arena. Starting veteran jungler Chanyong “Ambition” Kang outplayed the enemy jungler UmTi and contributed to the team’s victory.



Below is our post-match press interview with Ambition.

How do you feel about the today's win?

My team’s recent win rates have been less than optimal, but it feels good to comfortably take the series 2-0.

Why do you think you don’t see much plays recently?

To simply put, my performances have been subpar. My chances of substitution were about half, but I didn’t get to play as much for the good of the team as my win rate was lower than Haru’s.

It feels like Ambition-Stitch-Wraith and Haru-Ruler-CoreJJ are two groups within the team. Was this intended?

I don’t know the details. I guess we often play like that because we practice in those groups. As the season goes on, I think we can practice with a more stable five-man basis.

Why did Haru tend to play on blue side while you did on red side in the early season?

I guess it was due to the importance of Rengar in draft that I played on the red while Haru did on the blue. Haru was a better Rengar player. Since Rengar was almost always banned, it didn’t mean much as the season went on.

Both you and Haru coincidentally played Rengar today.

I’ve never felt that confident in my Rengar plays. I probably even avoided playing him if possible but, I had to play Rengar today to take the advantage in draft. I think I can be in a more comfortable place when Rengar is nerfed in the next match.

What did you guys talk about after losing to the telecommunications companies, SKT and kt?

I guess we were mostly confused in the match against kt because we lost without putting up any real fight. We couldn’t do anything and lost so easily. I thought we lost to the most competitive teams in the season. If we continue to win the rest of the games, I think we can close out the Split with the record we want.

What are your personal goals for the Spring Split?

My goal is to make it to the finals. It’ll be even better if we win, but I really want to get to the LCK finals since it’s been a while I got there.

Any final words?

I want to thank my girlfriend for everything and wish to tell her that I love her.

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