Cosplay vendors speed up production of VALORANT costumes due to increasing sales demand

Cosplayer Glory Lamothe, VALORANT image source: reddit


VALORANT is slowly catching the attention of cosplayers, after its first month in closed beta being an absolute success. Riot Games has earned the “s” in their name by announcing a stacked up roster of new titles to come soon, including their first shot at a character-based shooting game.


It is not uncommon for companies to contact cosplayers before the launch of a new game, or a new set of cosmetic items, to create their designs in real life and help promote the title. The cosplay scene comes close to fashion in its cultural development. Certain characters will be popularized within the scene, which will lead to other cosplayers wanting to create the same designs for themselves.


Riot Games has done a fantastic job of nurturing its community of cosplay hobbyists, with dedicated events focused on cosplay competitions and summoner showcases. Every big event announcement featuring brand new skins, like K/DA or True Damage, comes with cosplayers that hired to create costumes, influencing others in the scene to do the same. In fact, League of Legends has been so popular among cosplayers that stores like Miccostumes have a section exclusively dedicated to the title, featuring nearly sixty different options.


Glory Lamothe and Peyton Cosplay as Jett and Viper, costumes made by the artists.


One month after its launch, VALORANT has already seen its fair share of cosplay designs floating around the internet, including the perfectly timed creations of Glory Lamothe and Peyton Cosplay, which have been the most loyal renditions of the characters so far, including a professional photoshoot with practical effects.


Riding the wave, vendors like Cosplay Sky already have a couple of options available, like agents Jett and Cypher,  with the intention of adding more options to the production line as demand grows. The garments reach the price of around a hundred dollars for the full costume, not including accessories like weapons, shoes and wigs.


CosplaySky's version of agent Jett


Independent artisans and costume designers are also creating accessory designs inspired by the agents. Etsy vendor LuckyStrikeCosplay has created Viper’s Snake Bite poison capsules, Sage’s hairclip, and Jett’s knives. The pieces are 3D Printed, then molded and cast in resin.


Image Source: LuckyStrikeCosplay


As time progresses, VALORANT will likely attract more and more cosplayers to bring their agents to life. If you have are currently working on a costume from the game, you can email it to for a potential feature in our cosplay section!


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