Riot Games provides reward for those in search of a VALORANT Closed Beta Key

▲ Image Source: Riot Games


Riot Games launched their VALORANT Closed Beta about a month ago, with colossal view count on Twitch - boasting the highest average views of any game/category every single day since its release. And with the Closed Beta being, well... CLOSED, most viewers hunting for a key drop on Twitch haven't been able to secure one. With millions trying to get them, there aren't enough going around.


But Riot Games just announced a small reward to those who are participating in the Twitch partnership, a token of gratitude for those interacting with their newest creation and its community. Riot's created a Twitch X VALORANT player card that will be given to every person's account who has watched enough VALORANT streams to be eligible for the drop. Whether or not you actually receive a Beta Key, if you've watched the streams, you'll have this unique player card on VALORANT's full release. 




While it doesn't equal an actual key and letting you play the game today, you can prove you were there at the start. Riot features Brimstone as the Agent on the card - a key component to any competitive comp - but also has fun additions on the side, like "Closed Beta" and "See you in chat." In any case, keep watching Twitch and good luck on the drop!




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