Cloud9 Tenz becomes first player to reach VALORANT rank

▲ Image Source: TenZ's Twitter (Cloud9)


Just days after the competitive queue launched in the VALORANT Closed Beta, retired CS:GO pro and current Cloud9 streamer, Tyson "TenZ" Ngo, became the first NA player to reach the highest rank tier - VALORANT. He played competitive CS:GO for a few years and played three tournaments with Cloud9 before retiring to stream, and now he's made his switch to Riot Games' newest title, VALORANT, like so many other professional shooters.




Yes, it's somewhat confusing - the highest rank in VALORANT is it's own name. For CS:GO, Overwatch, and League of Legends players, it's the equivalent of The Global Elite, Grandmaster, and Challenger respectively.  More players will start to file in alongside TenZ soon, but he was the first to claim the rank. 


The VALORANT Closed Beta is currently only available in NA and EU, but recently announced an upcoming launch in Korea and Brazil, likely with further expansion planned throughout the year. The servers took a hit with the addition of competitive earlier this week, but have since been stabilized. 



For more content on VALORANT, Riot Games' highly-anticipated tactical shooter set for release this year, head over to our dedicated VALORANT section!

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