[LPL Finals] JDG takes down TES 3-2 to become your 2020 LPL Spring Champions.

▲ Source: Riot Games China


A new champion has been crowned in the LPL. JD Gaming took down Top Esports in the Grand Finals of the 2020 LPL Spring split. The Jungler for JDG, Kanavi, was not only crowned the regular season MVP, but was able to rise to the very top of the LPL. The Support for JDG, LvMao, was named the Finals MVP with his incredible display of skill on Bard.


JDG took down TES with a set score of 3-2. JDG was in jeopardy of losing after losing Game 2 and 3, but in every key moment of the series, Kanavi and the Bot Laner for JDG, LokeN, showed a level of focus that was on a higher level than their enemies.


JDG was able to come back from behind in Game 1 with Ornn’s incredible teamfighting prowess in Game 1. With the Mid Laner from TES, knight, putting much attention to their Top Laner, 369’s Sett, they were able to take the advantage. However, JDG was able to stop TES from bursting the Baron, and was able to shift the momentum of the game in their favor. Afterwards, not only the JDG’s Top Laner, Zoom, carry the teamfights, they successfully managed to push back Sett and Lissandra in the Side Lanes to take the first game of the series.


In Game 2, TES massively got ahead through early skirmishes. With TES’ Jungler, Karsa, not only managing to successfully gank Mid Lane early as Trundle, he was also able to successfully countergank to get knight’s Viktor ahead. With 369’s Aatrox leading the charge in teamfights, they solidified their lead, and with a teamfight in front of the Baron pit, TES managed to tie up the series 1-1.


JDG's Bot Lane Duo, LvMao-LokeN (Source: Riot China)


TES took a huge comeback victory in Game 3. Kanavi, despite being massively behind on his Jungle pathing compared to Karsa, he boldly made his way into the Jungle to get ahead. With it, JDG successfully pushed the Top tier 1 Turret and was able to snowball the game. However, TES successfully managed to shut down Zoom’s Renekton, who got ahead through multiple skirmishes, and was able to turn the momentum in their favor. After scoring three kills in the Mid Lane, JDG attempted to take Baron, but there was an unexpected turn of events, as knight-JackeyLove’s Corki-Aphelios duo cleaned up all of JDG, which led to TES taking JDG’s Nexus, and lead the series 2-1.


Game 4 was full of early skirmishes. TES was able to win the Mid-Jungle skirmish, but JDG was able to win in Top and Bot Lane to take the lead. Shortly after, Karsa’s Lee Sin managed to successfully gank Top Lane to even out the game, which also led to him taking objectives everywhere around the map. Yet the bout between these two teams did not end, as TES gave up kills to JDG with Dragon Soul just over the horizon. Knight’s failed attempt in making plays for his team led to JDG taking Baron, and with the power of their Bot Lane duo, JDG tied up the series 2-2.


In the final game of the series, knight’s Sylas made a fatal mistake. TES conducted a lane swap between knight’s Sylas and 369’s Aatrox, where Sylas went Top Lane to face Zoom’s Ornn, while Aatrox went to face Yagao’s Kassadin. Not only did Sylas get ganked by Kanavi’s Rek’sai by being overextended, he also died by tanking the Turret one too many times, in his attempt to 1 vs 1 Ornn. However, TES successfully managed to come back into the game through smart macro around the map, which led to successfully catching out the enemy in the Mid Lane and taking the Dragon. However, JDG did not allow TES to take their 3rd Dragon, as Kanavi successfully killed JackeyLove to win the teamfight and take the Baron. LvMao’s Bard successfully initiated with his ultimate, Tempered Fate, in the following teamfight, which not only led to the teamfight victory, but in taking TES’ Nexus to become the 2020 LPL Spring Champions.



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