[LCK Today] Team Dynamics promotes into the LCK, while Griffin relegates into CK

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Joy and sorrow coexisted in LoL Park today, as Team Dynamics was promoted into the LCK, while Griffin was unfortunately relegated to Challengers Korea.


On the 29th (KST), Day 2 of the 2020 LCK Summer Promotion Tournament took place at LoL Park. Team Dynamics took down Seorabeol Gaming in the Winners match to be promoted into the LCK, while Griffin lost to SANDBOX Gaming in the Losers match to be relegated into Challengers Korea.


In the Winners match, Team Dynamics seemed to be cooking with their opponents, Seorabeol Gaming. Although Rich fell behind from early ganks from SRB’s Jungler, KaKAO, he showed why he’s well known for his Aatrox. Just like the name of Aatrox’s ultimate suggests, Rich really was the World Ender for SRB.


Source: Official LCK Broadcast


DYN had a rough track record against SRB in the regular season of Challengers Korea. However, things were different this time, as their setup and teamfighting abilities proved to be on a level much higher than SRB. With this victory, Rich, Beyond, Kuzan and GuGer made it back into the LCK. 


In the Losers match, SANDBOX Gaming took down Griffin 2-0 for a final chance to stay in the LCK. Summit was able to break out of his slump to score a solo kill, and OnFleek played Lee Sin to break the Champion’s 13 game losing streak in the LCK. They will be facing SRB for the last ticket into the LCK on the 30th (KST).


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Meanwhile, not only did Griffin come in last place in the regular season of the 2020 LCK Spring, they’ve also suffered a crushing defeat to be relegated. From a sensational debut into the LCK in 2018, their two year tenure in the LCK has ended as they returned to Challengers Korea from tonight’s defeat.


Day 2 - 2020 LCK Summer Promotion Tournament Results


Winners Match: Team Dynamics 2 : 0 Seorabeol Gaming


Losers Match: SANDBOX Gaming 2 : 0 Griffin



Day 3 - 2020 LCK Summer Promotion Tournament Schedule


Qualifying Round: SANDBOX Gaming vs. Seorabeol Gaming - 5 pm, 30th (KST)



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