The FACEIT Scouting Grounds Circuit returns, starting May 1st

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In collaboration with Riot Games, FACEIT returns to host the Scouting Grounds Circuit, the qualifying tournament for teams to take part in NA Scouting Grounds at the end of the year. FACEIT partnered with Riot in 2019 for the inaugural Scouting Grounds Circuit as well, but have made "crucial tweaks to the format, creating something the community will find exciting, accessible, and inclusive."


FACEIT will be joined by other third-party organizers to run small tournaments in the Qualification Stage between May 1st  and July 25th. Each tournament will offer a fixed amount of Qualification Points, and the eight teams with the most points collected by July 25th will clinch a spot in the Playoffs. The top two teams in the Playoffs will then secure a place in the 2020 NA Scouting Grounds.


▲ Photo by Inven Global's Parkes Ousley


There are two types of Qualification Tournaments. First, there is the Legends Weekend League, or the LWL. The LWL is a 16 team Swiss-style tournament where each team will play eight BO3 matches and gain points based on their ranking at the end. This will run each weekend throughout June and July. There are four Open Qualifiers throughout May that teams can participate in to make it in the LWL. If you're on a team, you can sign up here.


The second type is playing through various tournaments from other official organizers that will grant further points on top of those claimed in the LWL. Dark Star Gaming and Upsurge Esports have already built out a tournament, but more will develop and be announced soon.


▲ Photo by Inven Global's Parkes Ousley


Dark Star Gaming is hosting BIG League, a 16 team tournament featuring multiple seeding tournaments and a final 16 team bracket. Sign up for their open qualifier here. Upsurge Esports is hosting the Upsurge Premier League, with 16 teams split between four double round robin B03 formated groups. The top two teams in each group qill qualify for the UPL Playoffs. The UPL is invite only, but you can apply for an invite here. Both tournaments have prize money and 1,000 Qualification Points on the line. 


▲ Graph provided by FACEIT, points will be expanded when more tournaments are added


At the conclusion of the NA Scouting Grounds Qualifiers, the top eight teams will enter the Playoffs in a double-elimination format in the first week of August. The top two teams in the Playoffs will then qualify for NASG this November, as well as The Academy Summer Finals in September. For the Academy Finals, it doesn't say if they'll be playing a showmatch or just invited to attend, but there's a chance to be in the spotlight early for the top two NASG Circuit teams!


Read the entire announcement, including all FAQ here, and look out for more information on other upcoming NA Scouting Grounds Circuit Qualifying Tournaments. If you're a high elo player hoping to go pro, now is your chance! Build a team and start applying. And if you're a League fan looking to get more involved and watch more NA talent, there are a bunch of extra games coming up soon. 



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