[KR Reactions] LCK Spring Finals: "Wow, I never expected the loss of 2 ban cards would turn out to be a handicap for Gen.G."


Before the match


Gen.G vs T1. Let’s start the “Peanut Korea Finals”


T1 lost 2 ban cards because they were 30 minutes late boys

- Is this because BMW is slower than Mercedez?

- What kind of a penalty is that? They could’ve just fined them.

- What kind of penalty would it be without it directly affecting the game? Rules are meant to be followed.

- What does the draft have anything to do with being late?
  - They usually take away points in the regular season, but since it’s the finals, I guess they’re doing it by taking away ban cards

- Even if Gen.G won, they won’t really feel like they won.

- Wait, won’t this mean that Gen.G’s draft will be skewed as well?

- Damn, the finals could’ve been ResidentSleeper, so Riot Korea made it fun! This is LCK!


Prediction for today’s series: Angry Coach Kim won’t ban anything -> WIN
- If Gen.G loses in a situation like this... it’ll be an utter defeat lol

???: T1 was late, so they lost two ban cards?

▲ "Better than losing a set!"


This is LCK, DUDUDNGA!!!


They tried... This year’s opening ceremony is legendary in many ways.

ㄴ It’s a LOT better than the LEC and the LCS this year.


LOL the heads of each team have appeared

ㄴ Fans keep arguing if the players trash talk, so they did it this way lol


LOL why are you here?

ㄴ Look at that relaxed smile from the Spring Champion

ㄴ He’s honestly one of the only players that can evaluate T1.


This is a bit too much lol

ㄴ Let’s bet on Gen.G to get them fat stacks!



Game 1


▲ "Faker’s yawning GG."


This draft is boring as hell

ㄴ If it’s boring, Gen.G will win.

ㄴ Even though T1 lost two ban cards, why does T1’s draft look a lot better than Gen.G?



ㄴ Bdd -> Badd lol


Canna proceeds to die straight after.

ㄴ Yeah, why does he have the letters NA in his IGN?

ㄴ CanNA



As a Gen.G fan, it must feel so bad to lose even after T1 lost 2 ban cards and Faker buying two Phages

ㄴ Despite all the hype behind the series, Game 1 is boring

ㄴ At least they’re taking fights instead of dancing around Objectives all day...


Game 1 in a nutshell.


???: That’s not how you play Azir...

▲ "Nah forget it."



Game 2


Wow, I never expected the loss of 2 ban cards would turn out to be a handicap for Gen.G...

ㄴ Now that all the ban cards are on the table, I wonder what Game 2 will look like.


Another 3 Jungle bans?

ㄴ Is locking down Cuzz to give T1 Varus really the right choice?

ㄴ Gen.G’s draft looks pretty wonky again. Who’s doing their draft?


▲ "CanNA!!!"


Cuzz is absolutely crazy today.

ㄴ Ruler: Give me Ardent Censer!!


For real? 3,000G deficit between Faker and Bdd?

ㄴ Faker bought cash items to get more Gold.


Ah!! Gen.G’s doomed!!!

ㄴ DRX looking a lot stronger to take at least one game from T1.


▲ "Faker’s Corki"


▲ "Get your act together, Clid!"


▲ "Finals so far: They’ll beat them up even when trying to outscale"


Game 3

I really don’t know what to think anymore about Gen.G’s draft

ㄴ I don’t think even the players know what to think about their own draft...


Yikes... Another 3-0 is coming.

ㄴ This is the most boring finals ever.


The Faker fan service strikes again

ㄴ ???: Hey, I still won lane!


???: “My draft was not wrong!”

ㄴ At least he took one game off T1…

ㄴ At this point, we have to say that he came in 2nd place four times.


▲ "Mata predicted the 9th championship victory"


▲ ???: "You’re finally ready, T1!"



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