BK Stars Bernar: “I hope you are looking forward to seeing us in the next season”

The 9th day of Overwatch APEX Season 2 started with BK Stars’ 3-0 victory over MVP Infinity. BK Stars showed some amazing gameplays today with Bunny and Bernar being the key players of the day.

Below is the post-match interview with Se-Won “Bernar” Shin.



How do you feel about winning today?

I was struggling with a loss of confidence because I’ve been doing pretty bad. I’m really happy with today’s victory.

BK Stars could have been relegated to the promotion tournament if the team lost today. Did that affect you in any ways?

I tried not to get too much pressure. I guess the game went smooth because I was just like “if we lose today, I’ll do better in the promotion tournament.”

You were especially good with Pharah today.

I’ve been practicing with Pharah a lot. I saw the other team couldn’t deal with Pharah very well, and I thought today is the day I should play Pharah.

Did you expect a 3-0 victory?

I thought we had a chance for a 3-0 victory after we won the first set. I told my teammates after the first set we shouldn’t lower our guard and keep trying our best.

You had to have a rematch in the second set. Did that affect you or your teammates?

I think it was actually a good thing for us. We made some mistakes before the rematch. I guess we were lucky today.

Do you think BK Stars didn’t do very well this season, compared to the last season?

We didn’t have enough time to learn to play as a team with our new recruits. Our new recruits, Carpe and Prove, do not have a lot of experience with big matches and they got pretty nervous. Also, many teams are much more stronger than they were in the last season.

But BK Stars is definitely getting better at OW.

I believe in my teammates. I hope you are looking forward to seeing us in the next season.

Any last words?

We couldn’t make it to the quarterfinals this year, but I know we will do much better in the next season. I hope you are looking forward to see us in action!

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