Lee Sin is coming to Legends of Runeterra


The first card expansion for Riot Games' competitive card game, Legends of Runeterra, is just around the corner. Riot has revealed Lee Sin as the final champion joining the collection, with a bunch of spells and dragon-themed companions alongside him. 


Riot Games has found some cool ways to mimic his Summoner's Rift abilities in Legends of Runeterra. When you cast any spell while Lee Sin is in combat, he gains the keyword Challenger, meaning he gets to decide who he faces off against, much like a jungler decides who to go and gank. Then if you play a second spell, he gains Barrier, blocking the first bit of damage he would take, similar to his Safeguard (W) ability in League. 



Lee Sin levels up, of course, just like all other Champions. After you play seven or more spells, Lee Sin's attack powers up, becoming his Summoner's Rift ultimate, Dragon's Rage. Instead of his basic attack, when he is on offense and uses Challenge (which still requires the player to play one spell), his strikes against the enemy also strike the Nexus. Additionally, if his enemy survives the Rage, they are recalled, bicycle kicked right off the table and back into the enemy's hand. 




Along with Lee Sin come all his companions and spells. Both parts of his Q ability, Sonic Wave and Resonating Strike, join the collection. Casting a Sonic Wave gives an ally Challenger for the round and creates a fleeting Resonating Strike spell in your hand. Both are Burst spells, leaving the opponent with no time to react, giving you a potential edge in combat. Retreat and Return come as another spell duo, allowing you to Recall an ally and Summon another who is 3 cost or below. Those are great for cards that interact with summoning and for stacking Lee Sin's spell requirement.



Lee Sin has a few companions too, of course, each of them representing a different strength of the Dragon. First we have Claws of the Dragon, which can be summoned for no cost if you play two spells in one round. As a 3/2 unit, that's really strong for no extra mana usage. Scales of the Dragon is a three cost 4/2 that creates the spell Dragon's Protection in your hand, which can provide +3 defense to an ally. 



Lastly is the Tail of the Dragon. By itself, it's a somewhat weak three cost card at 3/2, but if you manage to recall it, it turns into the Spell Concussive Palm, which stuns an enemy and resummons Tail of the Dragon again. Used in combination with some of the other new cards can create a powerful Flurry of attacks and evasions, truly capturing the aspect of Lee Sin and how he plays on the Rift. 



Legends of Runeterra's next expansion is set to go live next week, on April 28, and will introduce a yet-to-be-revealed region to the card game. The set release is followed closely by the official launch of the game, on April 30 across PC, Android, and iOS devices.



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