Riot Games announces schedule for the LCK Promotion/Relegation Series - SANDBOX Gaming and Griffin to play on the 28th


The following was sent to Inven Global as a press release.



On the 21st (KST), Riot Korea announced the schedule for the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Summer Split Promotion/Relegation Series.


The Promotion/Relegation Series connects the professional league, LCK, and the semi-professional league, Challengers Korea, to decide which team will compete in the following LCK season. In the upcoming Promotion/Relegation Series, the teams that finished 9th and 10th in the 2020 LCK Spring Split, SANDBOX Gaming and Griffin, will compete with Challengers Korea regular season champions, Seoraboel Gaming, and the winner of the Challengers Korea Playoffs Round 2 for two tickets to the 2020 LCK Summer Split.


The series will be held in a double-elimination format. SANDBOX Gaming will choose a team from Challengers Korea and Griffin will play against the remaining team.


The Promotion/Relegation Series will be held from April 28th to 30th (KST) over three days. On the 28th at 5 PM and 8 PM, the first two games will be held. On the 29th at 5 PM, the winners of the first day will clash to decide one of the teams to play in the LCK next season. At 8 PM, the losers match from day 1 will be played, deciding a team to be relegated to Challengers Korea. The winner of this match will have another chance to be promoted on the 30th. All matches except the last match will be held in Bo3s, while the last match is held in a Bo5 format.


The Promotion/Relegation Series will be held without an audience in LoL Park. The games can be seen in online platforms such as AfreecaTV, Naver, Wavve, Youtube, Twitch, Jump VR, LGU+ Game Live, etc.

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