G2 stomps Fnatic to become LEC Spring Split champions

Photo by Michal Konkol for Riot Games


G2 Esports has been crowned the League of Legends European Championship Spring Split Champions of 2020. The squad, which had to fight its way through the lower bracket after an early upset, dominated opponents Fnatic in a heavily one-sided series, clearing them out with a 3-0 victory.


The series kicked off as LEC fans hoped it would: with fire and fury. G2 threw an old curveball with a Kog'Maw and Lulu in the bot lane, hoping to outscale Fnatic in the later stages of the game. The game itself was just as hectic with heavy aggression from both sides as Fnatic dove beneath G2's towers and the samurai fended off the incoming damage. As the game went on, G2 kept asserting its dominance through excellent team fight navigation. It snowballed in their favor, and G2 closed out the series off the back of a Baron Nashor buff.



In game two, Fnatic tried to reply with an even more scaling-focused champion: Nemesis whipped out the Kassadin on the Mid Lane, while G2 stuck to its now trusted Kog'Maw Lulu combination on the Bot lane. With Fnatic's hopes stacked on reaching the late game, G2 sought aggression. They suffocated Fnatic with continuous action which, again through stellar coordination, went into G2's favor. The five nation army of G2 marched forward with unrelenting confidence, ending the second game in just twenty four minutes.


With two incredibly disappointing games behind them, Fnatic needed to find its feet again. For a while, it seemed like they had. With newfound inspiration Fnatic took the lead and managed to get G2 on their back foot. However, in true G2 fashion, the back foot is exactly where they needed to be in order to accelerate into the other direction. Through sheer persistence and meticulous gameplay, G2 turned the series around and closed out the series.


With the victory, both Fnatic and G2 Esports now stand at seven championship titles won each. The upcoming Summer Split could put either team ahead again, pushing the ever lasting rivalry even further.




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