MVP ADD: "I think we figured out what it takes to win ever since our matchup against SKT T1."


MVP won 2-0 against ROX Tigers in today's second match of 2017 LCK Spring Split, now winning four times in a row and placing itself on the 3rd rank among all other teams in the league. Gunmo "ADD" Kang was on point and played his part in the team as Renekton and Nautilus. He explained that the team's continuous victory had given him courage to fight, while also thanking his fans for making "ADD Max" poster, a parody of the movie Mad Max that has become a meme in Inven KR's LoL community.

Below is the post-match press interview with ADD.


How does it feel to win against ROX Tigers and come 3rd in the leaderboard?

Winning today's match marked the fourth win in a row for the first time in LCK this year, which I thought would make us much happier than usual. However, when we actually won the fight, we didn't feel so special. We were happy that we won, but did not feel anything deeper in particular.


What do you think was the driving force that led the team to consecutive victory?

I think we figured out what it takes to win in general, ever since our matchup against SKT T1. I think we learned how to narrow down what we should do to carry on the good flow, and also how to overcome hardship when things aren't going well for us.


There were frequent fights around top lane in Set 1. Didn't the loss in early-game 2v2 fight make you worried?

We lost the 2v2 fight in between top laners and junglers, but our teammates also had solo kill in bot lane, so I was thinking of how to benefit from that. After that I started wondering how I should strike back against enemy attacks. I think I eased things out in top lane through successful counterattacks.


We could feel your confidence just by looking at the way you played. Have you been feeling more confident ever since the victory against kt Rolster?

We pull fights as we normally do, and that has worked really well somehow. I think we are pulling fights more frequently because our recent attempts have been successful. Maybe that's because our tactical aspect is getting sharper, or maybe because we can establish better positions due to it being us the ones that are initiating fights.


Sion kept getting banned. Did you see that coming?

I knew he would be banned anyway, so I have been practicing different champions lately. I decided to play Renekton and Nautilus because other tank heroes were consistently banned.


Did you see the fan-made parody ADD Max? What was your impression on that?

Of course I saw that. I am thankful that the fans are being fond of us. In our match against kt Rolster, when Beyond sacrificed himself so that we could take Baron, I remembered Mad Max and went like, "We will remember! We will never forget!"


How many more consecutive wins do you think MVP will be able to pull off?

I want to keep winning until we meet SKT T1 again. I certainly hope so. [laughs]


Last words?

Our head coach Yoonsang Choi cheered us up after our match against SKT T1. We won four times in a row after that, so I think his kind words really had a positive effect on all of us. I want to say thank you to our coaches, and also to our fans. We will prepare well during the time we have until our next match, and try hard to win against Longzhu.

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