Sgt. Hammer leads L5 to the Superleague winners bracket

On September 6 at Sangam OGN eStadium, L5 emerged victorious against MVP Miracle in the quarterfinals of Superleague 2016 Season 3. It was a fated match involving former TNL members on both sides. Using their patient play and superior team composition, L5 became the first team to place in the winner’s match, largely due to Seung Chul “sCsC” Kim’s surprise Sgt. Hammer appearance.

Game 1: Infernal Shrines

[MVP Miracle]
▶ Ban: Sonya, Xul
▶ Pick: ETC(Ttsst), Kerrigan(Reset), Uther(Darvish), Kael’thas(Sniper), Raynor(CrazyMoving)

▶ Ban: Illidan, Tychus
▶ Pick: Muradin(Noblesse), Rehgar(Swoy), Falstad(NacHoJin), Tyrael(Jeongha), Sylvanas(sCsC)

In Game 1, Miracle got the upper hand on the first shrine, but L5 quickly counterpressured and took down a fort with Sylvanas. L5 had better rotations and took out Miracle members that came to defend to take the early experience lead. Despite the enemy Kerrigan’s harass, L5 managed to keep the lead throughout the game with smart map control from Falstad and Sylvanas.

After successfully taking down the top fort, L5 pursued Miracle aggressively and won a team fight. Along with the Punisher and the offensive bruiser camp, L5 destroyed the keep, leaving the top lane wide open. Miracle tried to push back with their own Punisher, but L5 shut them down and secured the win.

Game 2: Tomb of the Spider Queen

[MVP Miracle]
▶ Ban: ETC, Illidan
▶ Pick: Muradin(Ttsst), Zagara(Sniper), Thrall(Reset), Li-Ming(CrazyMoving), Kharazim(Darvish)

▶ Ban: Xul, Uther
▶ Pick: Tyrael(Noblesse), Falstad(NacHoJin), Sylvanas(sCsC), Rehgar(Swoy), Anub’arak(Jeongha)

Miracle came back with a vengeance in Game 2. They straight up outplayed L5, consistently interrupting their gem turn-ins. Miracle was especially efficient at bursting down a target and took down the top keep with the help of the boss. The final straw was when Darvish’s Kharazim used Divine Palm to save his teammate and turned the table, causing L5 to lose all of their accumulated gems. In the end, Miracle outmuscled L5 to tie up the series 1-1.

Game 3: Cursed Hollow

[MVP Miracle]
▶ Ban: Muradin, Sylvanas
▶ Pick: Falstad(CrazyMoving), Tyrael(Ttsst), Rehgar(Darvish), Zagara(Sniper), Arthas(Reset)

▶ Ban: Illidan, Abathur
▶ Pick: ETC(Noblesse), Thrall(Jeongha), Li-Ming(sCsC), Brightwing(Swoy), Lunara(NacHoJin)

Miracle showed a strong performance in Game 3 as well, using solid team coordination and reads on their opponent to take tributes. L5 did their best to hold their ground, but it wasn’t enough to fight off Miracle’s steady and composed early lead. Sniper’s Zagara put the final nail in the coffin with a perfect Devouring Maw followed up by crowd control effects from the rest of the team to take a clean teamfight win over L5. With the boss, Miracle took down the Core and upset the balance to 2-1.

Game 4: Towers of Doom

[MVP Miracle]
▶ Ban: ETC, Rehgar
▶ Pick: Abathur(Sniper), Arthas(Ttsst), Uther(Darvish), Li-Ming(CrazyMoving), Sonya(Reset)

▶ Ban: Muradin, Tracer
▶ Pick: Illidan(Jeongha), Sylvanas(NacHoJin), Tyrael(Noblesse), Brightwing(Swoy), Sgt. Hammer(sCsC)

Miracle had the edge when it came to fights around altars, as CrazyMoving’s Li-Ming mowed down most of L5. Though L5 ended up taking the altar, Miracle’s Sniper was in control of the game with Abathur’s soak. Finally, L5 got back in the fight with their wild card: Sgt. Hammer. Hammer was able to dish out huge amounts of damage behind friendly frontlines. Even with Brightwing down, L5 hung in there and evened the scale again to 2-2 thanks to Sgt. Hammer and Illidan’s constant damage output.

Game 5: Dragon Shire

[MVP Miracle]
▶ Ban: ETC, Sylvanas
▶ Pick: Muradin(Ttsst), Thrall(Reset), Zagara(Sniper), Kharazim(Darvish), Li-Ming(CrazyMoving)

▶ Ban: Illidan, Rehgar
▶ Pick: Tyrael(Jeongha), Falstad(NacHoJin), Johanna(Noblesse), Brightwing(Swoy), Sgt. Hammer(sCsC)

In the final game of the match, Miracle got off on a good start by picking off Johanna and controlling both shrines. However, Jeongha’s Tyrael was persistent and bought some time at the top shrine until Brightwing and Falstad could join the fray. As a result, L5 was able to take the Dragon Knight (DK). Using the experience lead they gained from the DK’s siege damage, L5 retained the talent lead throughout the game. With Falstad and Brightwing constantly harassing Thrall, Sgt. Hammer and the Dragon Knight were able to take down the enemy Core, and L5 moved on to the winner’s match.

HotS Superleague 2016 Season 3 Semifinals Result

Final Score: MVP Miracle 2 vs. 3 L5

1st game: MVP Miracle L vs. W L5 Infernal Shrines
2nd game: MVP Miracle W vs. L L5 Tomb of the Spider Queen
3rd game: MVP Miracle W vs. L L5 Cursed Hollow
4th game: MVP Miracle L vs. W L5 Towers of Doom
5th game: MVP Miracle L vs. W L5 Dragon Shire


Source article by Inven Irro

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