Swain descends on the Legends of Runeterra board in upcoming expansion

Image Source: Riot Games


A week and a half from now, on April 28, Legends of Runeterra introduces its first expansion. With a new region, which is yet to be revealed, also come new champions to the regions currently existing in the game. Earlier, Riot Games already revealed Quinn, Sejuani, and Maokai as new playable cards in the game. Today, Noxus saw the arrival of its Grand General: Swain.


Swain fits into Noxus like a glove would fit his demonic arm, as he is all about aggression. Every time Swain strikes the enemy Nexus, an additional three damage is done to said Nexus directly. Since Swain has the Fearsome keyword, he'll be harder to block and thus more likely to inflict the direct damage.


Once you've dealt twelve damage to the enemy Nexus through other means than direct unit strikes, Swain levels up to become a true menace. Once you inflict non-combat damage to the enemy Nexus while level two Swain is on the board, the enemy with the highest attack on the backrow is stunned. Level two Swain also deals far more damage: instead of dealing three extra damage to the enemy Nexus after striking it, he blasts an AoE of three damage to all enemies.



Swain's arrival is paired with that of three new units, all of which support Swain's level-up condition. Imperial Demolitionist tags a friendly unit for one damage, but deals double that amount to the enemy Nexus. Citybreaker is a unit meant to stay on the backline, slowly but steadily wearing the enemy down as it chips away at the opponent's life total. The Leviathan pairs exceptionally well with the upgrades Swain: each individual damage it deals at the start of the round triggers Swain to stun a new enemy.


Image Source: Riot Games


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