DRX Keria on the Best Young Player award: "I think that it’ll be really cool and would feel very happy to receive it, because it’s an award that you can only receive as a rookie."

Source: Official LCK Broadcast


On the 16th (KST), DragonX faced off against APK Prince in Round 2 of the 2020 LCK Spring. With a set score of 2-1, DRX took the victory against APK Prince. Despite scoring 37 kills in Game 3, because of the set loss in Game 2, DRX placed 3rd in the regular season and will be facing the winner of the Wildcard match between KT Rolster and DAMWON Gaming.


The POG for both games of the series, Keria, joined the official LCK broadcast for an interview.



You were named POG for both games that the team won. Aren’t you a bit lonely?


I am, and this situation right now is a bit depressing.

Because of that one loss in tonight’s series, DRX finished the regular season in 3rd place. You must feel very disappointed right now…


We would’ve been 2nd place if we won 2-0, but we didn’t, and our performance tonight was horrendous, so I’m very embarrassed.

APK picked Twitch in Game 1. How did you feel when HyBriD locked in Twitch?


I just thought of which champion I need to play. I felt very indifferent to the pick.

In Game 1, not only did you successfully keep the enemy carries at bay, you also had some crazy initiates onto the enemy team. What kind of orders were going around within the team?


We felt that the only champion we needed to look out for was Twitch, so I only looked at Twitch.

You’re now sitting at 1,000 POG points, and because of it, the chances of you receiving the Best Young Player award became very high. 


I think that it’ll be really cool and would feel very happy to receive it, because it’s an award that you can only receive as a rookie.

Whenever we do these interviews, the chat always says that you look like a Korean actor, Seo Kang-joon. Do people usually say that as well?


No, and I want to take this time to apologize to the actor (laughter). It makes absolutely no sense that I look like him. After Game 1, Secret said “Why are you so good, Seo Kang-joon (laughter)?” It was pretty funny.


▲ Seo Kang-joon, a Korean actor (Source: Pinterest)

Then which celebrity do people usually say you look like?


Last year, Rascal told me that I look like Baek Jong-won, and recently, some random Youtuber.


▲ Baek Jong-won (Source: Intronews.net)


I think you look a bit like Yuumi. Do you agree?


This is my first time hearing it. Thank you…? (laughter)

Compared to where you thought you’ll rank in the beginning of the season, how far away is it from 3rd place?


In the beginning of Round 1, I said 5th, and in the beginning of Round 2, I said 3rd, so I’m glad that we’re in 4th.

Although tonight’s results didn’t turn out the way you hoped to be, does the coaching staff think that it’s actually beneficial for the team to run the gauntlet-style format of the playoffs?


After Game 2, the whole team felt pretty down, but once the match was over, cvMax told us, “It’s okay. We’ll just beat everyone from the bottom up” and cheered us up.

KT Rolster will be facing off against DAMWON Gaming in the Wildcard match. Which team do you think will win?


They’re both very good teams, and although it’ll be fun to play against either of them, I think KT has the advantage.

Lastly, a word to your fans?


I think that the reason why I did so well in my rookie year was because of all the fans cheering for me at home. I appreciate the support and want to say thank you.

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