GRF Viper: "I think that the gap between the LCK and CK has closed quite a bit."


On the 16th (KST), Griffin took down Hanwha Life Esports 2-0 in Round 2 of the 2020 LCK Spring. In this rival match between the former lane partners, Griffin’s Park “Viper” Do-hyeon and HLE’s Son “Lehends” Si-woo, Viper led the charge in Game 1 on Varus to not only take the victory, but also was named POG for Game 1 of the series.


Viper joined Inven Global for an exclusive interview to talk about tonight’s match, the relationship with Lehends, and the upcoming LCK Relegations tournament.



Congratulations on the victory against HLE. How does it feel to get the win over your former lane partner, Lehends?


Although it’s disappointing that we couldn’t beat him and HLE like tonight in Round 1, I’m glad that we got our revenge.

You and Lehends flashed emotes to each other in Game 2. Was there some sort of hidden messages being given between you two?


No, we’re just good friends, so I just wanted to say hello in game.



After their match with Gen.G, he said that he’s coming for you. Now that you’ve won, would you like to send a message back to him?


Although I failed to bring you to play in the Relegations tournament this split, I hope that you’ll experience how it feels to play in it next split, while I head to playoffs and beyond.

Both Untara and Sword played tonight. What was the reason behind the use of the two Top Laners?


They have completely different playstyles, and the coaching staff decided that they wanted to show different styles of Top Lane gameplay.

After it’s been confirmed that the team will be playing in the Relegations tournament, how has the team atmosphere been?


The team atmosphere has gotten much better, and we’re all on the same page of giving it our all for the tournament.

How do you rate the possible CK teams that you’ll be facing in the tournament?


I think that the gap between the LCK and CK has closed quite a bit, so we know not to get complacent, and play each match to our fullest to return to the LCK.

Can you share your resolution for the upcoming Relegations tournament and the Summer split?

The team’s performance has been very poor this split, so we’ll make sure to not only return to the LCK, but also to improve for the Summer and put on a good performance for our fans.

Lastly, can you also send a message to your fans?


I’d like to thank the fans that stuck by me, even when I was performing poorly. I’ll make sure to work hard to live up to the fans’ expectations, and come back improved.

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