Nick's Esports Talks: The best content vs. the WORST content


Inven Global's Director of Corporate Strategy Nick D'Orazio has been streaming esports lectures every Tuesday at 2:00pm PT on This week's installment of 'Nick's Esports Talks' centers around the countless approaches, mediums, and stories under the umbrella of esports content, as well as which of these types of content are best and worst in the context of the esports industry. 



Creating esports content is a process that involves several variables. The intersection with the general gaming industry at large, as well as trends and audience preferences varying drastically between games and from region to region, makes esports content and what is defined as such is a difficult task in the general sense, as well as establishing one's tone and goal in an individual piece of content. In addition, what the esports content consumer wants changes as the industry itself grows.


Esports content can be consumed in a variety of ways - Q&A interview, written column, written feature, vlog, video interview, and listicles and more can all qualify as esports content. In addition, the source of the content can come from a variety of places - pro player streams, post-match interviews, exclusive conversations with top competitors, and even highlighting online discourse over social media can be relevant and viable forms of storytelling when creating esports content. 


Be sure to follow into Inven Global's channel on Twitch and social media platforms to stay up to date on subject matter for future installments of the 'Nick's Esports Talks.'

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